Lottery Update

No WYWS this morning, but there is a lot at stake tonight, as all 30 teams play for just the 2nd time in the history of the NBA.  Here's an update to guide you through all of the possible scenarios, as well as a revisit of the predictions I made in the last Lotto post.

We'll start with the matchups, after the jump

Keep Tabs on These Games:

Washington Wizards @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Unfortunately, the Cavs really have no incentive to lose this game.  They are a game ahead of the Timberwolves, who host Houston tonight and will likely lose.  The good news is that, even with all the injuries, the Wizards have a huge (literally) advantage on their front line.  The length of JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche is going to be difficult for the Cavs to overcome and John Wall is going to be a pain for Boom Dizzle and Ramon Sessions.  To sum up, Go Wiz!

My prediction:  21-61

Current record:  23-57

Way to go Wizards!

New Jersey Nets @ Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have the #1 seed locked up, but from what I've heard Tom Thibodeau is not interested in the idea of resting his players.  Joakim Noah will likely not play, after tweaking his ankle last night, but the rest of the team should be active.  The Bulls have the #1 seed in the NBA to play for so they should come out with a win.

My prediction:  24-58

Current record:  24-57

Damn I'm good.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Sacramento Kings

Surprisingly, there is a lot of drama built into this game.  First, the Lakers are playing to take control of the #2 seed, over the Mavs and Thunder.  Second, this game is, in all likelihood, the last game at Fake Magnetic Power Wrist Band Arena, or the last NBA game in Sacramento.  The fans have been filling the stands consistently since the Maloofs went forward with their plans to move the team to Anaheim.  The Kings have been playing the role of spoiler, lately, and there is definitely no love for LA in Sacramento.

My prediction:  23-59

Current record:  24-58

Thanks for the help, Kings

Best Case Scenarios and Ramblings on the Lottery

The best scenario for the Jazz would be a Wizards win, Nets loss, and Kings win.  In this situation, the Jazz would be in a tie for the 4th seed, in which case the teams' GM's will rochambeau for the #3 spot.  

Not really.  The truth is that there would be a coin toss, but what they should do is have a playoff.  In fact, I would love to see the NBA institute a toilet bowl playoff for either the top pick, or the top lotto spot (best chance at landing #1 pick).  Take the bottom 6-8 teams and put them in a bracket, similar to the playoffs.  Make the rounds shorter by setting the first 2 rounds as a best of 3 series and the final round a best of 5.  Take away the incentive to tank and give the fans something to be excited for after their teams are eliminated from the playoffs.  In the event that a pick is traded, the team that is on the receiving end of the pick plays in the other team's stead, giving them control of their destiny after they gave up a player to receive the pick.

Anywho.... Enjoy the last NBA games of the season and be sure to bring all your mojo, luck, karma, whatever you have and hopefully the basketball deities will be smiling upon us this day.

May The Force be with us.

*Edit* Updated to show 3 way tie for the 4th seed. Thanks to @DJoel12 for the correction.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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