WYWS: The Noble Kings

I could devote this entire post on how pissed I am at the Wizards, but I'm not going to.  I'm going to sum it up like this:  They now have a permanent spot on my s@%t list.


The Ugly



Washington Wizards 93 @ Cleveland Cavaliers 100

The Wizards lead through the first half, until the Cavs tied it up after three.  The Wiz held a 5 point lead with about 4:00 left in the game and that's when it happened.  I flipped over to the Game Companion and saw that the lineup on the court featured Otheyus Jeffers.  No John Wall or Andray Blatche.  No JaVale McGee or even Jordan Crawford.  The Wiazards tanked it.  That's the only way to put it.  And when they threw in the towel, they took the Jazz's chance for the #4 spot with them.

Final Record:  23-59

Lottery Position: 4th


The Good


via Moni (cropped by me)

Los Angeles Lakers 116 @ Sacramento Kings 108

I don't care.  I'm not filing this one under "The Bad".  The Kings fought back from a huge deficit, in the 4th quarter, and had a chance to win it with 4.9 left on the clock.  They gave the Lakers a scare and gave their devoted fans in Sacramento something to cheer for, as if they ever stopped.  The whole situation is sad, and I'm surprised more Jazz fans aren't as vocally miffed about it.

Final Record:  24-58

Lottery Position: Tied for #5

New Jersey Nets 92 @ Chicago Bulls 97

The Bulls didn't seem to want to win this one.  The Nets led for most of the 4th, until some timely shots by Korver and Watson, and Thibodeau played his starters some pretty big minutes.  Luckily, the Nets really suck.

Final Record:  24-58

Lottery Position:  Tied for #5

How the Tie Works

After a little research and some consulting with @bhein (The Upset Blog) and @benbags (KFAN) it was determined that the tie for the 4th spot works like this: 

The probability of attaining the #1 pick will be determined by taking the percentages associated with the 5th and 6th spot, averaging them, then splitting them amongst the two teams tied.  

Basically, the percentages at those spots are so close that it ends up being a 10th of a percentage point.  The breakdown will look like this, as broken down by Tom Ziller (@teamziller) of SBN. This shows the Jazz on top by 0.1%.

Should neither team move up, the 5th pick will be determined by a coin toss.  Last year, the Jazz lost the coin toss to the Clippers, therefore, they ended up with the 9th pick and our beloved G-Time.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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