Thank You Utah Jazz

Thank You to the Utah Jazz

Everyone knows this wasn’t the best season. We have often criticized the players, the coaches, the front office and everyone because things didn’t go the way we had hoped.  Well here is a post to just thank the Jazz for what they have done right and what they have brought to the table. So often we focus on what we aren’t instead of what we are. So here is a little thank you for the  2010-2011 Utah Jazz.


Thank you Greg Miller

For Trying to carry on your dad’s legacy and continue to build the team that we can be proud of. Thank you for investing in our future, by building a team around young players and being willing to take chances to help the team grow.


Thanks KOC.

Thank you for your tireless work in finding the right pieces for or small market franchise to be competitive and for your work building for our future. Thank you for your draft foresight in bringing us Gordon Hayward, even though a lot of fans didn’t understand how much he really had to offer. Thank you for bringing in Big Al, for not letting our franchise be taken hostage Denver style. Thanks for bringing us Devin Harris and Derrick Favors and those 2 future picks. We will expect you to deliver on those picks and to continue to bring in players to help this team get back up the mountain and to eventually get to the top. But just know that we do appreciate your hard work.  


Thanks Jerry and Phil

Thanks for everything. Thanks for the 26 years, the playoffs appearances, the finals trips, the wins, even the hard fought losses. Thanks for your fight, your toughness, and your attitude. Thanks for being united in everything you did.  Thanks for your loyalty. We will miss you forever and always cherish the memories.


Thanks Tyrone

Thank you for building on the principles that Jerry and Phil work so hard to instill in this franchise. Thanks for handling a tough situation with class and steadying a ship that hadn’t been rocked for over 20 years.  We will expect you to build on the experiences that you have and to turn this young group into contenders. We look forward to our future together.


Thanks Raja

Thanks for sealing that November win against the Lakers with the late steal and hoop. Thanks for bringing toughness, leadership, and experience to this young group. Thanks for stealing Matt’s Blue M&Ms.  Thanks for telling Hayward to, “Stop Rapping.” Thanks for giving us everything that you have left in the tank. We will always remember your attitude and competitiveness.  We hope that the young guys on the team will lean on you for your experience and that you can instill some of your toughness into them. Thanks again, we do appreciate all of your hard work and leadership.


Thanks Memo

Thanks for the Money Balls. Thanks for trying to play through pain just to help the team.  Thanks for showing us this year how important you are to our team. Thanks for spreading the court and giving others room to make plays. Thanks for sacrificing your body in the Playoffs last year. I still wish you wouldn’t have tried to play hurt, as I am sure you do. But in the modern NBA, with players missing games, with everything from bag tripping injuries, to headaches, to gastric distress, it is always nice to have someone who will try to go to war with you even when he isn’t 100%. We hope for you to recover well this off season and look forward to more big shot money balls in the years to come.



Thanks Francisco

Thanks for the energy. Thanks for the leadership and the 18 foot jumpers. Thanks for sealing the Miracle in Miami. Thanks for being just plain tough. Thanks for the hard work and defensive effort that you put out there every day. We will always remember having a Sensei on the roster.


Thanks Fes

Thanks for being you. Thanks for being the subject of “Fesenko Friday.” Thanks for your upbeat personality and the life that you brought to the team. Thanks for plugging the middle and for lighting up life on the bench.  In today’s NBA it is great to see a guy who doesn’t come across scripted and staged to the public.  We will remember you as the most colorful player to ever wear a Jazz uniform. We hope that you continue to develop and your game becomes as loved as your personality.

Thanks CJ

Thanks for being the scoring engine on our second unit and for all of the big shots. Thanks for playing wherever and whenever and not complaining. Thanks for your range. Thanks for the night you dropped 40. Thanks for being a barometer for the team.  Thanks for all of the deep 3s and the lefty finishes. We look forward to you to continue to work and improve into the solid wing that we all know you can be.


Thanks Jeremy Evans

Thanks for being the human pogo stick, for all of the early-oops, for the high flying shot blocks and rebound throw downs. Thanks for working on your jumper and defense. Thanks for electrifying the crowd when you checked into the game. The energy you brought to the entire crowd just coming into the game was contagious to everyone on the floor. We look forward to more Sports-Center highlights and solid all around play from you for years to come.


Thank you Earl Watson

Thank you for the early-oops and for making Jeremy Evans an instant impact in games. Thanks for all of your hard work and the way you give 100% every night. Thanks for stepping in and running the team whenever asked. Thanks for never letting the opposing defense rest and attacking them all of the time. Thanks for the passing, it was great and right where it needed to be. Thanks also for the lock down D. You could look at opposing PGs when you were on the floor and they would all slump their shoulders a bit because they new they were in for a dog fight. We hope to see more early-oops and 1 man fast breaks going forward.


Thanks Ronnie Price

Thank you Ronnie for all of the energy you brought to the game. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your hatred of the Lakers. From you block on Luke Walton a few years ago to you going toe to toe with Kobe and the Dunk on Lamar Kardashian, you embodied the way every Jazz fans feels about the Lakers. We really can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you for being one who does what ever they are asked to do and gives everything he has to get it done.  We will always think of you as exactly how we want our Jazz players to act.


Thank you Devin Harris

Thanks for showing a commitment to the team. When you came hear under not perfect circumstances, you just worked your butt (hamstring?) off. You reminded us of Ricky Green as the fastest of them all. Then when you did hurt your hamstring, you could have just shut it down for the year. We wouldn’t have blamed you. We had someone hear who missed a lot of time with a hamstring injury before. But you proved that you are the kind of guy we like here, with the way you came back and played the last week of the season like the NBA Finals were riding on it. Thank you for that. We look forward to giving you the reins to the team and seeing you get these young guys to fulfill their potential.


Thank you Derrick Favors

Thanks for all of the way you have given the franchise hope.  Thank you for your positive attitude and for learning everything you can from Big Al and Millsap. Thanks for finishing with authority. Thanks for playing the kind of D we always have wanted a big man to play. Thanks for the potential that has the NBA drooling over. We look forward to you fulfilling that potential and helping return this franchise to the elite status.


Thanks Big Al

Thank you for giving the Jazz the first post presence that Utah has ever had at the center position. Thanks for playing in all 82 games. Thanks for leading the team in scoring, rebounding, and blocked shots. Thanks for having a good attitude and working hard to do whatever was asked of you. Thanks for the career year in assists and for having the lowest turnover rate of any big man in the game. Thanks for being the anchor and working to improve.  Thanks for the big buckets and game winners. Thanks for the Focus Hats. We look forward to your continued development and for the instruction you can give to the young Favors.  We also look forward to you helping us in our quest to be “moving on up” in the standings next year.


Thanks AK-47


Thanks for all that you have done in a Jazz uniform. Thanks for the passing, defense, shooting, and scoring that you brought to the table. Thanks for being the most versatile forward in history of the franchise. Thanks for working hard everyday and for giving us all of the memories. You need more than a paragraph of thanks, but I will leave that to others. We will hope that whatever happens in your future it works the best for you and your family.  


Thanks Millsap

Thanks for working on everything and getting better at everything. Thanks for stepping into the starting role and playing the best basketball of your career with the opportunity.  Thanks for working on that jumper. Thanks for the Miracle in Miami. That will probably go down as the best moment from this entire year, and it was all because of the work you put in to improve and the effort that you gave to make that happen. Thanks for being willing to do whatever is asked of you and using your fire and competiveness to make you the best player possible.  We look forward to you helping us in any way we need going forward.


Thank you Gordon Hayward

Thank you Gordon Hayward for looking Kobe straight in the eye and not blinking. Thank you for showing us that our Knicks pick was used on the right guy. Thanks for showing us what you can do with a chance to play. Thanks for these last few weeks. Thanks for being the playmaker, defender, shooter, and finisher that we have been missing for years. Thanks for being a winner. Thanks for not being scared of the big moment. Thanks for giving underdogs hope and for giving us a reason to believe in the future. We look forward to what you can do to guide this team to the future that we are all shooting for.

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