What the Jazz SHOULD do, what the Jazz WILL do. Predictions for next year.

Actually, the title of the post is really:

What do you think the Jazz should do?  What do you think the Jazz actually will do?  I would like to know everyone's opinions on what moves the Jazz's front office should and will make in the upcoming off-season and into next year.

I know everybody alludes to their opinions on these matters, via comments, pretty much continuously.  At least I know I do!  However, I would like to have, in one spot, everyone's opinion on these matters.  The interesting part will be looking back sometime next year and seeing who actually was on the money about what the Jazz will do.   The nice thing about this site is that even though there is a diverse range of opinions, there are a lot of well thought out opinions... even those I don't agree with!

Here is the only loose rule:  try to stay away from talking about who specifically the Jazz should draft.  We can talk about that after the lottery, and I don't want this to turn into a semi-mock draft.


So here is the fun part (for me), dear readers, MY opinions:

- The Jazz should and will establish that the only two untouchables on the Jazz are Gordo and Favors.  That's it.   Everyone else can and will be shopped.

- The Jazz should consider every other player on the roster is available for draft picks.  Here is my logic.  

As Bill Simmons points out occasionally, the reality is that NBA teams can afford to pay three players big money ($10 mill+, three players mid-money (around $6-8 mill) and every one else on the roster has to split what is left.  Basically all the really good teams are built around three-big money guys that are really good.  Seems simple, but it is easy to pay a not so great player with big stats, big money.  And then you can't afford a really good player.  You might get lucky and get someone who is on a rookie contract, but then they will bolt if you can't afford them.  You have to pick your three wisely and lock them up (see Kobe, Pau, Oden.... see Duncan, Parker, Ginobilli...  see Allen, Pierce, Garnett) etc.   There are exceptions, but that is the rule.  The real trick is not to pay someone the big money unless they are one of those three.  You need other good players, but you need them at the more affordable $7 mill range.  And then you need players who are productive bench players who are on rookie contracts, or D-league types.

So here is the thing, I think Gordo and Favors could be two of the three main guys.  I really do.  I don't think anyone else on the roster can be.  I think Millsap, Al, and Harris all belong in that "next three" category.  The only way the Jazz will be able to get that third great player, realistically, is through the draft.  Therefore, I think every other player should be considered as assets to find more ways to get the last main piece through the draft.  Then you worry about role players.  And the higher the pick the better.  Therefore....

- I think the Jazz should trade Big Al for a draft pick.  Straight up.  Seriously, if Toronto or Cleveland (who I think could absorb his salary would trade him for the 5th or 8th pick respectively we do it.  Big Al isn't worth big money, and we won't be able to keep him for mid money in two years.  Sell high now.  In fact, in all honesty, I would trade Al and next year's Golden State pick for a chance to get into the top four picks.   I don't think the Jazz will do this though.

- I think the Jazz will try to flip Big Al for a young prospect and monetary savings.  I think Big Al for Nick Young will be discussed.   At the latest,  I think he will get traded, at the latest,  during next year's season. 

- I think the Jazz should not value next year's Golden State pick higher than any pick #10 or less in this years draft.  I don't see Golden State getting worse. 

- I think the Jazz should not resign AK for even the mid-level.  Sorry.  He is falling apart and not worth it.  And I am a huge fan.  Also, I don't think the Jazz will.  Here is a strange prediction, but I would not be surprised if AK retires from professional ball.  Seriously.  I could see him playing for the Russian national team only, and spending more time on the Kirilenko foundation.  He is really rich now, his is dealing with a scary nerve injury, and I could see that happening.  

- I think the Jazz should not and will not worry about Corbin's record this year at all.  I think fans will though. 


So there we are.  I am all for pushing hard to find another main piece through the draft.   Whether or not the Jazz go this way, I think there is going to be a much larger overhaul then most are expecting.

And how about you?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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