Ranking PGs as PGs and not as players.

With the combination of D-Will being traded, CP3’s revival, Derrick Rose’s “MVP” season, and Westbrook’s evolution, I have thought a lot about updating my rankings on the leagues best floor generals. As I continued to think about how I would rank these players, I thought about fans arguments. Chicago, New Orleans, OKC, Boston, and now New Jersey fans all have good arguments on why “their” point guard is the best in the league. But here is my question, are we rating these point guards based on their “point guard abilities” or their “player abilities”?


So what is the difference between these abilities? Well everyone may have their own opinion on that. I think that player abilities are pretty much all of the things that one player can do on the court, pretty simple. These abilities can be shooting, athleticism, passing, post moves, defense, and includes ALL point guard abilities. Your point guard abilities, are simply, all the things that a player can do within the point guard position. So pretty much passing, running an offense, getting team involved. (Now of course, some teams will have different opinions on how a point guard should be used depending on their system.)

So here is my rankings of the NBA point guards, based on their POINT GUARD abilities. (This is based on this year as well)

1- Nash: Okay, there will be a lot of you who disagree with me, but if I had to create a super-team with any of the current NBA players, Steve Nash would be my point guard. Many would argue and want to take a superstar point guard (which are really star pg’s and superstar players) but you have 5 players on a team, and only one player can score per possession. Steve Nash is one of the greatest pg’s of all time, the teams he plays on have extremely good chemistry, and he is able to pick defense’s apart with his passing, and had dead on shooting his whole career pretty much.

2- D-Will/CP3: Okay let me get this over with, If I had the choice to choose between the two, if we had Sloan I’d take D-Will, he’s the best overall player at the point guard position, and fits our system better than any other point guard. If I had to choose a point guard for just any random NBA team, it would be a very hard choice between the two players, I still can’t decide (on both better pg and player). Dwill and CP3 both are all star point guards, and both all star players, they both can run a team’s offense, and dismantle other teams defenses. Then they both have other unique abilities that allow them to excel as players as well.

3- Rondo: Many people try to take away from Rondo and what he has done, some of this talk is reasonable. Yes it is easier to get assists when you are playing with a bunch of HOF’s, but asides the three players I already named, not many could run the system as good as Rondo. The high majority of Rondo’s skills are point guard skills, he is known for being a great passer, being able to find the right man at the right time. His one issue is scoring, which at certain times is still a pg’s duty. Rondo is crafty around the basket, buts that’s about it, he can’t shoot a jumper to save his life (unless of course, he is playing the Jazz)

4- Kidd: I will probably get a lot of crap for this pick, especially putting him in front of Rose. But I really think he deserves a spot here. Kidd is known for doing everything you need your pg to do, plus some (Mr. Triple Double). Kidd will go down as one of the best pg’s this league has seen, and even though Kidd has lost a step the past few years, he still is one the best pg’s in the league (In my opinion of course).

5- Rose: Ahhh, Derrick Rose, this years probable MVP. Even Charles Barkley said that he though D-Rose has taken the top pg in the league crown from D-Will. There is a lot to debate about whether Rose is the MVP or not this season. I am in now way denying he is good by placing him at 5, but I am not convinced at Rose’s point guard skills. Many fans get converted to the Rose bandwagon when they seem him do a crazy awesome dunk (they are crazy awesome, I’ll admit it) others love the man when he goes out and scores 40 points. But what I see when I watch him, is a flashy/athletic high volume scorer with good point guard skills. I think that Rose will continue to evolve and improve his pg skills (as he increased his range this summer), but at this point, I don’t think he is one of the top point guards in the league. However, I do think that Rose is one of the top players in this league (as you see below). When it comes down to it, I’m fine with him earning MVP, but I don’t think he should be involved best “Point Guard” in the league conversation just yet.

6- Westbrook: After going to a Jazz/OKC game this season, I was stunned by Westbrook. He hit jumper after jumper, nailed 3 after 3, and just flat out embarrassed D-Will. I was plainly amazed by this player. But the more and more I watch him, I realize he is pretty much Derrick Rose, just not as good, with minimal point guard skills (In my opinion). I was flat out stunned at his decision making in a few games of the OKC/Denver series. Taking 3’s in the clutch (when your not even that good of a 3 point shooter) and leaving Durant (who was hitting 3’s himself) open is a very bad idea. I feel like his ego is growing much faster than his game is, and have dropped him much on my list since that game I went to.

*Wall: Have not watched enough of John to judge him (Although I did go to the game where he almost dropped 40 on us), but I feel like he will be a better PG then Westbrook, and should be higher on the list in the next few years.


I’m not going to go out and tell you why I chose who on this next list, but here are the best “players” (this year) out of the ones we have already talked about.





5- Westbrook

6- Wall

7- Kidd

(I’m pretty iffy on the order of the last 3)

Anyways, so there you go.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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