Okay, I have not posted any blogs in a while; mainly because there hasn’t been too much new to actually write a good post about. But I came up with a fun idea yesterday: A game of WOULD YOU RATHER?!, my answers are in ()’s, have fun!

Would you rather….


Price or Fes?                      (Fes)

CJ or AK?                             (CJ)

Watson or Elson?             (Watson)

(Assuming they are willing and in their current state)… Sloan or Williams?             (Williams)

(this time in their prime)… Sloan or Williams?                                                                      (Sloan)


Bell or Okur?                                      (Okur)

Jefferson or Millsap?                      (Jefferson)

Hayward or Favors?                        (Hayward)

for Iggy or Granger?                       (Iggy)

up or down (in 2011 draft)?         (Down)


Irving or Williams?                           (Irving)

Knight or Kanter?                             (Knight)

Kanter or Valanciunas ?                 (Valanciunas)

With the #1 pick this draft or the #3 next draft? (#3 next draft)

Knight or Jimmer or Kemba?                       (Knight)


Aaron Brooks or Andre Miller?                   (Brooks)

Jamal Crawford or Jason Richardson?     (Richardson)     

Tayshaun Prince or Grant Hill?                    (Prince)

Kenyon Martin or Glen Davis?                    (Davis)

Nene or Marc Gasol?                                     (Nene)

Random WYR…

Keep Memo or Re-sign Fesenko?             (Keep Memo)

Sign Greg Oden or Yao Ming?                     (Greg Oden)

Be a Miami fan or Laker fan?                       (Laker fan)

Have ability to fly or teleport?                    (Fly)

Watch baseball, golf, or hockey?               (Hockey)

Be a star in Europe or a benchwarmer in the NBA?           (NBA)   

Sit courtside 3 games, or have row 22 upper bowl season tickets?             (Season Tickets)

Cheer for LeBron or Kobe; JR Smith or Artest? Or just get hit by a bus (you live, no brain damage) (Smith)

Who would you rather not compete against in a flopping contest: Ginobli, Fisher, Horry, or Bell?(Ginobli)             


Okay. Sorry, that was a lot of questions. You don’t have to answer them all, maybe just do the ones you want or think are most important. (When answering, maybe copy and paste the question and then put your answer in ()’s)

*if enough of you care/answer I’ll do a follow up post with the percentages of what you guys thought.

Tweet me @kyle11kirkham

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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