While I couldn't sleep last night

I'm sure that there are a lot of you out there like me.  If for some reason I can't sleep at night my mind goes into Jazz GM mode. So here is a little bit of my wonderful inspiration on some trades that I had last night. Let me know what you think.

Trade 1: #3 pick, CJ Miles, Mehmet Okur to Philidelphia for Andre Iguodala

Why we do it: To get Andre freakin Iguodala, duh.  And fill our biggest need in the starting lineup. (as a side note if Jeremy Evans goes on Andre's weight lifting program and works on his shot with Hayward he would be the best player in the NBA, Can you imagine Evans with Iguodala's biceps (I wish I was good at photoshop) scary potential)

From thisTo this

Why Philly does it: 1.They have been trying to move A.I. For a while to free up playing time for their plethora of young wings. 2. With the #3 pick they can select the center they need, Enes Kanter. 3. Free up cap space down the road. 4. CJ would help them keep depth at the wing and provide a solid veteran presence for the kiddos  4. Okur would be another veteran on a young team and they have a built in Turkish translator for Kanter, (which also would speed up Kanter's transition to the NBA and he would be able to play with his favorite player growing up).

Trade 2: Devin Harris and Raja Bell to Toronto for the #5 pick

Why Toronto does this: 1. They need a point guard and Harris will fit good with DeRozen 2. They aren't in love with any of the players in this draft, the players they want will be gone in the first 4 picks.

Why we do it: I know people might think I am crazy but I think we have to move up this high to get Jimmer.  If we don't I think Sacramento takes him at 7.

Trade 3: Paul Milsap to Indiana for pick #15

Why Indy does this: They also want Jimmer but there is no way he falls that low so they go for the value and need that Millsap would fill for them.

Why we do it: 1. Get another first round pick. 2. Free up a spot in the starting lineup for Derrick Favors 3. Free up cap space

Trade 4: Pick #12 and #15 to Washington for Picks #6 and #34

Why the Wiz do it: They want Vesley or Kanter and every other player would be a reach here so they pick up extra depth with the 2 first rounders.

Why we do it: 1. We don't need 13 small forwards (The only group of players that have good value in the 12-17 range) 2. So we can draft Jonas Valanciunas (who I love and can develop for a couple of seasons behind Big Al. 3. The second rounder gives me an excuse to watch more of the draft and we are the best team at striking gold in the second round.

Mock Draft:

1. Cavs - Irving 2. Minn - Williams 3. Philly - Kanter 4. Cavs - Vesely 5. Jazz - Jimmer 6. Jazz - Valanciunas 7. Kings - Knight 8. Pistons - Walker 9. Bobacts - Burks 10. Bucks - Montejunas ... after that it doesn't matter.  With our second rounder we can take Jeremy Tyler or Nikola Mirotic and stash them in the D- League for a season, or maybe Malcom Lee, Josh Selby or Nolan Smith to be our backup SG. 

Our Lineup:

PG: Jimmer, (bring back Watson and/or Price)
SG: Hayward, (FA or rookie)
SF: Iguodala, Evans
PF: Favors, (Kirilenko? or other FA (Reggie Evans, Elson))
C: Jefferson, Valanciunas, (Fesenko?)

We won't win the Championship next year but that is a pretty dang good starting 5, add some more depth through the draft next year and we are well on our way.

I don't think this is too far out there, let me know what you think

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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