My Poorly Planned Dream Scenario

Keeping with the draft/trade talks this week, I thought I would present my poorly thought out dream scenario that I just thought about. In my opinion we have two main problems standing in our way, so I hope to address these while keeping us young and flexible.


First, Jefferson isn't cutting it at center, so we need a defensive center to pair with Favors. Bogut seems to be a name floating out there. I'm not sure why the Bucks would part with him, maybe they are worried he wont ever heal properly. Either way, he's still young, he's a big defensive center, and his contracts isn't terrible. 


I propose we pick up CJ Miles option and trade him with Milsap and our #12 pick for Bogut. Bogut is due 11 million while CJ and Milsap's salaries add up to 11.3 million. The Bucks could certainly use the upgrade at PF, and CJ Miles would be a decent SF off the bench, and then they get the draft pick.



Second, we obviously need an upgrade at the shooting guard position. Word on the street is that everyone on the Rockets is available, so I suggest we try to go after Kevin Martin. I propose we trade Al Jefferson and Memo's expiring contract for Kevin Martin and Jordan Hill. Al is due 13 million next year, and K-Mart and Hill together are owed 13.2 next year. We know Kevin Mchale loves Al, so let the Rockets have him. And Memo's expiring contract gives them a lot of flexibility. We get back the SG we need, and a decent young PF with potential.


I'm not a cap expert, but I assume we would probably have to use one or two of our trade exceptions to get this all done.I do all this assuming we are keeping our first pick this year and using it to draft a PG. We would then need to add a free agent PG, SF, and a couple C's.


This leaves us with a starting lineup of:

Harris-Knight-Watson (i hope)


Hayward-AK-FA/#12 pick


Bogut-Fesenko(or other FA)-FA


We would be committed to 43.3 million next year which would leave us with around 15 million to spend on our #3 pick and signing free agents. Our #3 pick will cost us 3.5 million next year, and I hope we sign AK for roughly 5 million next year. That leaves us with 6.5 million to spend on a third string PG, 2nd and 3rd string Centers (I assume Fes would be sticking around) and maybe a couple undrafted guys to fill the roster.


I am far from a basketball expert, so tell me what you think. I assume everyone would agree that this helps our team, but are we giving up enough to make it worth while to the other teams? What if we have to give our #3 pick to the Bucks for their #10 pick to get this done. Still worth it?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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