Memories of the Draft! (i.e. a change of pace from the "news" of the draft)

                The Jazz draft party is always something I look forward to.  Without further adieu, here are some memories of the event. *****SPOILER ALERT***** This is not the most exciting post ever.  But I promise not to spew garbage about my “sources” telling me that the Jazz will do something or are for sure going to draft a certain player.  ****SPOILER ALERT**** There are some light religious references.  I’m Mormon.  But I’m not preachy in this column.  So enjoy! 

                -2010: got there early with my friends (about ten of us), couldn’t find seats together, had to sit on different rows.  My wife had to sit next to a guy that had bad B.O.  I should have switched her spots, but the guy next to me looked like a creep.  The Jazz planned last year VERY poorly and crammed everyone in.  When they finally opened up other sections, it was too late.  Anyway, we booed the 9th pick and left in frustration.  Of course, I went home and immediately expressed myself on facebook.  And of course, I feel like an idiot for that now.

                -2009: Got there late, but had plenty of space.  Whenever KOC approached the mike to address the audience, I yelled out my feelings to “Get rid of Boozer”.  We picked Maynor.  I was very ho-hum about that pick, but I had a good time with my friends.

                -2008: Didn’t have a draft party that year.  Fortunately, the team realized what a bad decision this was and fixed it in the ensuing years.  Watched this one at a friend’s house.  Thought it was exciting that Koufus had slipped to us.  Was really hoping to land Jason Thompson or Roy Hybert.  Wasn’t meant to be.  Laughed at the second round picks of Euros I had never heard of before.  Three years later, we have yet to hear from those Euros and probably never will.

                -2007: Was a counselor at EFY (LDS youth camp).  Missed the Draft.  Listened to the recap at night and was really excited to get Morris Almond.  Thought for sure he could help us take the next step (ie, get from the WCF to the Finals).  Yeah…..that one worked out.

                -2006: Had been home from my LDS mission for about two weeks.  Went with a buddy.  Being still in missionary-mode, I had no idea what to do when the Jazz dancers performed, except to look at the floor and sing a hymn in my mind.  This of course led to a LOT of ribbing from people around.  Thought Ronnie B was an ok pick, but wanted Rodney Carney (give me a break, I hadn’t seen any basketball in two years!).  I remembered Dee Brown, so I liked that and thought Paul Millsap would be lucky to make the team.  Yeah…..I am great at this GM stuff.

                Missed 2004 and 2005, for the reason listed above. 

                -2003: Had to work.  Watched it at a friend’s house after work.  Get this, we had arranged to have his mom record it on a VHS tape.  No DVR/Tivo.  Remember those good old days?  We were sure that Pavlovic was the next Stojakovic, but a much better defender.  Were hoping that Maciej Lampe (the “next dirk”) would slip to the Jazz in round 2.  We got mad when my friend’s little brother told us who the Jazz had taken in the second round before we could get there on the replay.  We thought Mo Williams wouldn’t make the roster.

                -2002:  Was at an LDS youth activity called “Pioneer Trek”.  We were up in the mountains with no radio or TV.  My mom came up to help with an activity the day after the draft.  I ran up to her saying “please, please, please tell me we drafted Boozer.”  She told me about Curtis B and I was excited.

                Well, that’s enough of that.  If anyone actually read all of that, you are awesome.  What are your draft memories? 

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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