Here's a list of the top UDFAs from this year by position:


Jacob Pullen (K St)
Kevin Anderson (Richmond)
Demitri McCamey (Illinois)
Diante Garrett (I St)
Kalin Lucas (M St)
Malcolm Delaney (Va Tech)
Talor Battle (Penn St)


Ben Hansbrough (ND)
Scotty Hopson (Tenn)
LaceDarius Dunn (Baylor) - Aggravated assault charge in college
Dwight Hardy (SJU)
Austin Freeman (Gtown)


David Lighty (OSU)
Malcolm Thomas (SDSU) - 7'2" wingspan
Jamine Peterson (Providence)


Matt Howard (Butler)
Rick Jackson (Syracuse) - Rejected invite to Spurs camp
Greg Smith (Fresno)


Jamie Skeen (VCU)
Michael Dunigan (Oregon)


I like a number of guys from this list.  

I think both Kalin Lucas and Jacob Pullen would have been drafted if they'd come out last year.  Jacob Pullen was awesome his junior year, but his senior year he had all kinds of attitude problems and he was very inconsistent.  Kalin Lucas might fit as a change of pace backup PG.

Talor Battle is the kind of PG who could both run the team and carry the scoring load.

Ben Hansbrough was Big East POY, and he was pretty clutch.  He was expected to be the team's main scorer and his outside shooting was fairly solid.  Kinda reminds me of Gerry McNamara who killed BYU in the NCAA tourney and was in Jazz camp or mini-camp when he went undrafted.

Scotty Hopson and LaceDarius Dunn are both character issue guys who would have to demonstrate a major change of attitude to be worth the risk.  They're both very talented players with big upside.

Austin Freeman showed flashes of talent, but overall was extremely inconsistent.

Both David Lighty and Malcolm Thomas could make a roster, but for different reasons.  David Lighty needs to work on his passing and shooting, but he's a fairly solid SF who might be able to find a niche as a defensive specialist.  Malcolm Thomas was a great hustle guy who was 3rd fiddle on a very good SDSU team.  Very undersized as a PF, but if he's quick enough to be SF, could make an impact.  Good at rebounding, screening, passing, shot blocking, runs the floor well.

Matt Howard is a solid undersized PF who I think will be able to extend his range in the NBA.  He made some key 3's in college, and I think that will translate to a solid midrange game in the pros.  The Jazz are stacked at PF, so it's unlikely they take a chance on him, but I think he could be a cheap, serviceable backup PF for some team in the league.

I could never get a good feel for Jamie Skeen.  I follow most of the DC-area teams casually and I wanted Skeen to do well after transferring from Wake.  He was a little small for a center at 6'9".  I think he would have done better at PF, but didn't get matched up against PFs much.  Not super athletic, not a very good motor.


Out of these guys, I'd really like to see the Jazz push to get Jacob Pullen, Scotty Hopson, and Malcolm Thomas into camp.  I think both Jacob Pullen and Malcolm Thomas could push for a roster spot, and Hopson could turn out in a few years if his attitude improves.  I think any of those guys could be worth a minimum contract, depending on how the Jazz end up filling their vacant roster spots.

Thoughts?  Did I miss anyone?

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