Enes Kanter - EuroBasket 2011 Quick Analysis

Kanter - EuroBasket 2011 Quick Analysis

Turkey is now out of the EuroBasket 2011 after losing to Serbia.

I saw all of his games except for one. Take it for what it is worth but here is my quick analysis of what I saw from him in the EuroBasket 2011

1. Strong – Has NBA body and shouldn’t have any trouble backing the majority his defenders down even in the NBA
2. Very good footwork around the basket
3. Very aggressive in the low post both with the ball and going for rebounds
4. Clears enough space to be at least an average rebounder for a Power Forward
5. Pretty good though not exceptionally quick hops including what appeared to be a pretty good second jump.

Good and Bad
1. He should be able to do okay on man to man defense against slower Power Forwards. On the other hand he should have trouble guarding quicker Power Forwards.

1. Doesn’t display much energy except when going for offensive rebounds. Tends to stand around on the court way too much. – See next comment for possible reason
2. Slow – He will get eaten up by the quicker bigs. Because of his lack of foot speed can’t be used effectively hedging. His lack of foot speed also limits his effectiveness in the pick and roll.
3. Very mechanical in his moves. He tends to seem very robotic on the court
4. Limited shooting range – Strictly a low post back to basket player on offense at this point, though he can spot up for the 15 footer it is probably not something Jazz fans would like to see him do very often.
5. Foul shooting is inconsistent
6. Running the floor – Not a guy who will rebound the ball on the defensive end and then get out on the fast break like Blake and Amir Johnson do.
7. Below average team defender because of lack of quickness.

1. Passing around the basket including out of the double team. I didn’t see him do much of that because he wasn’t double teamed in the low post and tried to shoot it every time he got the ball down there.

His strength, low post work including offensive rebounding and defensive rebounding are his assets.

His game at this point on both offense and defense is strictly within 10 feet of the basket on both ends of the court. On the other 74 feet in between he has no game.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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