Impact Recap- Jazz Fan Point of View

Well the Impact league is wrapping up and after watching a majority of the games from the players benches I thought I would share my opinion about a few of the players that impressed and some of the one's that didn't.

Jeremy Evans

Got to know this kid on a more personal level after talking to him quite a few times.  Super cool guy, and not just because he's a Jazz player.  He's as nice and polite a person that you could possibly meet.  Besides that, he played relatively well throughout the tourney.  I don't think that pick-up style games like these really play to his strengths because his strengths need to be known and set up by his fellow teammates.  Alley-oops never really came until he played with the likes of Sebastian Telfair and Chauncey Billups.  The fact that he's not assertive enough to call for the ball in almost any situation doesn't help him much either.  His jumper looks great.  I was extremely impressed with the high percentage of jumpers he was knocking down as I rebounded for him during his workout.  He even hit 5 of 8 3's. . . Didn't know he could do that.

Bad news is he is still as skinny as he has ever been.  Nothing new there, however, as a person that's also had an extremely hard time putting ON weight I was curious enough to ask him about his eating program/habits.  I was kinda deflated to hear it.  Anyone who has tried to Lose or Gain weight knows that it's really all about what you eat and the quantity of it.  He didn't appear to be too dedicated to any program he was given and seemed clueless to the type of foods he should be eating.  I had to refrain myself from sitting him down and writing out a eating plan for him.  Anyway,  I think he easily puts the time in at the gym to gain the weight.  I think the problem is his eating.

Josh Selby

This kid's game definitely benefits more being in a pick-up game situation rather than a system.  Either way he blew me away at times.  He was schooling NBA pro's on the offensive end every game I watched, and his 3-point shot was ON every game I saw.  I don't know what will become of him in an NBA system but he is surely capable and could easily be an instant offense guy off the bench.  If he keeps a level head I'd call him the steal of the 2011 draft.

Kawhi Leonard

And it came to pass that Kawhi had. . . a Jump Shot!!!  It became quickly obvious to me that Kawhi has been working on his jump shot and 3 ball A LOT this summer.  He was extremely consistent the times that I watched him.  Not only consistent but extremely confident.  No hesitation.  Ticks me off knowing that the Spurs nabbed this kid.  Dang Spurs.  Always gettin steals in the draft.

John Wall

Wall is near unstoppable on the fast break.  Something most already know but it was another thing to see it happen 15 ft in front of your face.  Amazing speed, amazing hoops.  However, I predict he shoots less than 35% from the 3 again this year(if their is one).  I wasn't impressed at all by his shot.  I honestly expected more from him in that area being the No. 1 pick and all but we'll see.  Time will tell.

JaVale McGee

Overrated.  I saw nothing impressive besides his athleticism.  He looks like a timid Ogre out there.  He'll get the occasional block and dunk but I couldn't see much value beyond that(reminder: uneducated fan opinion).  The funniest story came because of him though so I'll thank him for that.  After a play in which McGee called for the ball in the post, Kenyon Martin subbed himself out to rest and proceeded to talk to the guys on the bench and anyone else that would listen. "Did you see that? Did you f***ing see that?  He f***ing called for the ball!  I don't even call for the ball and I KNOW i'm better than him!"  K-mart went on for another minute about it and I nearly died from laughter.

Rudy Gay

Months ago I thought I had thought of the perfect player the Jazz should go after. . . Rudy Gay.  I had since decided against it because of his enormous salary but after watching him I am more against it.  He is no doubt an awesome player, but he appeared to be a "black hole", meaning if you gave him the ball, it wasn't coming back.

DeMar DeRozan

Despite his girlfriend being drop-dead gorgeous, I didn't see anything real "pretty" about his game the past few weeks.  He consistently over dribbled which turned into turnovers.  Iman Shumpert shut him down offensively and made him look amateur defensively.  I expected to see All-Star flashes but saw nothing close to that aside from his totally-awesome dunks.

Kyle Lowry

It appears, from the comments I've read, that Lowry has a bit of support amongst Jazz fans so I paid extra attention to his play and came away very impressed.  He probably took the games the most seriously out of anyone there. Never giving up on the defensive end and contributing significantly on the offensive end.  His 3 ball was definitely ON and clutch during a few moments.  What I liked most was his leadership on the floor and, for lack of a better word, command of the team.  In the end I decided I would definitely support a move to acquire Lowry.


I again stress this is my opinion and is only what I saw in pick-up games that NO ONE took too seriously.  I'm nothing more than a fan so what do I know?  

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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