Deron Booed Revisited

I never had the opportunity to throw my thoughts out on Friday's Jazz Nets game. I know most have moved on but I feel that I may need to express my thoughts to Jazz fans before I move on as well.

What bothers me most about the ESA booing Deron is that I believe that it could have been prevented by the Jazz. A simple video reminder could have done wonders to remind Jazz fans why we loved Deron for so long. Nothing was done in the arena for Deron before the game started. I heard that Root ran a bunch of Deron and Memo's key highlights which brought a few of my passionate Jazz friends to near tears but nothing was run inside the arena.

Why couldn't the Jazz run a video to soften the Deron blow? I mean, seriously? Kendrick Perkins got a video which lead to a standing ovation. Hell, even Chucky Hayes is getting a highlight video? You telling me that Perkins and Hayes meant more to their teams than Deron did to the Jazz? A highlight video would have been a nice gesture that would have certanly soften the blow.

Sometimes fans need reminders. He did ALOT of good for this community. Help remind the fans of the good times!

Also, I don't remember seeing Greg or Gail sitting in their normal seats. Why would this be? Something more important to do? Wanted to avoid that awkward moment where Deron stares you down as he gets pelted by boos? Showing up and clapping would have been a fair, polite gesture. Greg should have taken the lead in saying THANK YOU!

Too heated now. I'm done. Go Jazz!

Ps. I got D-Will to sign my jersey before the game (made the Jazz/Nets highlights too. I'm at the 20 sec mark!) I was holding onto that #8 jersey for the next Jazz season ticket holders signing date. Deron got traded before it happen. The jersey now hangs next to my Stockton and Malone Jerseys as my favorite Jazzmen.

Pss. As I walked into the arena, a sketchy ticket scalper asked me if I brought my jersey to rip it up in front of Deron. I shuck my head and said that I love Deron and there was no need for that. Little did I know that I was in for a disappointing night.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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