Monday Blues - #1


This is the first of a new feature: the Monday Blues. It's based on Jazz Blues: sitting back, chilling, smiling, and just feeling good. It's supposed to be a little pick-me-up as we all mope our way through work on Mondays. I hope you enjoy.

Singin' the Blues: The Thrill is Gone

The thrill is gone.
The thrill is gone away
Watchin' J. Evans dunk on the Clips all day
Watchin' Smart CJ comin' out to play
Thinkin' —before every damn game: We're gonna win today

The thrill is gone.
The thrill is gone away from me
Sap's kicking' butt—ain't no variety
Blake gets punked—Love gets a kick in the knee
Dirk's team won, but he got outplayed on TNT

And it's so hard
Cheerin' for a team that's so fun
Watchin' Gordon blast past four Mavs on the run
And it's so hard
Watchin' a team play so nice
Al's even passin' like he's drinkin' Stock-juice on ice

The Thrill is gone
It's gone away for good
At least till Wednedsday—
when the Raps check in the neighborhood.

* * *

More fun from the week that was after the jump:

Fun Stuff from Last Week

Our big guys can pass:

Al had nine assists in three games. Millsap had seven. Even our man Derrick Favors threw one before he did his Larry H. Miller Memorial softball pitch to the crowd against the Mavs.

Our guys can win

Two wins out of three games against good teams. And two of the teams even played like they cared. Though in the Clippers' defense, it's hard to care when Earl's catching and scoring alley-opps on you. Or when Jeremy's wishing he could pull his Camaro out to give his dunks, you know, some kind of challenge.

Our guys can dunk

Remember last year when we wondered if our stars would ever dunk again? We don't have to worry this year. Evans, CJ, Millsap, Gordo, Al ... really the whole crew's been slamming them down this year.

Our PF is better than your PF

Pau, Blake, Dirk, Love. When is Millsap going to get some actual competition for best PF of the night? What's so fun about Millsap is he's not really playing at an insane level every minute of every game. There's actual fluctuation. He's even had good games and bad games. It's just his highs are SO high, and his lows are still pretty decent. Dare we say his game is at this level to stay?

Rounding out the fun

Favors found some fire. Kanter can dunk. Tinsley can do awesome wrap-arounds. Earl can throw bullet passes to ... nobody ... because he knows Paul's going to get to the pass on time. Devin rebounded from a terrible game. Raja's played well in about seven games straight. And Josh will be back at some point.

Derrick did this:

Alec did this:

Gordon did this:

And CJ did this:

And finally: here's the inspiration for this inaugural Monday Blues:

B.B. King and Eric Clapton in "The Thrill is Gone"

Final stuff:

The pic behind the Monday Blues logo came from a screen capture by @Mac_Jazz. If anyone gets a great screen cap of your favorite Jazzman that you'd like to see behind the Monday Blues logo sometime, just let me know. Either email or twitter are fine ways to give me a shout.

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