NBA Market Value for Scoring Depth - Utah Jazz C.J. Miles is a good value

Obviously that title is for that Google SEO stuff, but the rest of this (hopefully short) post is for the rest of the NBA family. The NBA game is one of head liners. The guys who make the most points get the most screen time. They also usually get paid the most too. As of this writing there are 80 guys who have qualified to score between 8.0 ppg and 13.9 ppg. They are a healthy mix of bigmen, wings, and point guards. Many of them veterans, a few former All-Stars; and there are quite a few guys on their rookie contracts as well. It's a big mix of players. And here are the numbers:

  • Total n = 80 (Bigmen n = 22; Point Guards n = 21; Wings n = 38)
  • Total Averages: 10.5 ppg; $5.8m
  • Bigmen Averages: 10.6 ppg, $8.3m
  • Point Guards Averages: 10.3 ppg, $4.1m
  • Wings Averages: 10.5 ppg, $5.2m

It should be no surprise that bigs get paid the most. But let's further refine this to look at veterans (guys not on their rookie contracts), okay?

  • Veteran n = 52 (15 bigs, 12 pgs, 25 wings)
  • Veterans: 10.6 ppg, $7.8m
  • Veteran Bigs: 10.7 ppg, $11.2m
  • Veteran Points: 10.0 ppg, $5.7m
  • Veteran Wings: 10.9 ppg, $6.7m

Wow, that's not a very large disparity in points, however veteran bigs get paid quite a bit. Where does SG/SF C.J. Miles have to fit into this? Well, the 24 year old is averaging 10.3 ppg (slightly below average overall, and just for veterans), but he's doing it at a virtual steal of $3.7 m. Yes, Veteran wings score 0.6 more points per game, but they also play (on average) more mpg than he does *and* they make $3.0 m more than he does. Thanks, I'll take C.J. instead.

The full list of players used after the jump...

Yes, I am crazy...

Name Team Pos PPG $ Salary
Roy Hibbert IND Big 13.8 $2,588,590
Leandro Barbosa TOR Wing 13.5 $7,600,000
Kevin Garnett BOS Big 13.4 $21,247,044
Gerald Wallace POR Wing 13.3 $9,500,000
Wesley Matthews POR Wing 13.2 $6,135,160
Jamal Crawford POR Wing 13.1 $5,000,000
Jeff Teague ATL Point 13.0 $1,579,920
Mike Conley MEM Point 13.0 $6,611,571
Anthony Morrow NJN Wing 12.9 $4,000,000
Andre Iguodala PHI Wing 12.9 $6,650,000
Tim Duncan SAS Big 12.9 $21,164,619
Kris Humphries NJN Big 12.8 $8,000,000
Brandon Knight DET Point 12.4 $2,563,320
Shawn Marion DAL Wing 12.4 $8,022,449
Kemba Walker CHA Point 12.2 $2,356,320
Hedo Turkoglu ORL Wing 12.1 $11,015,850
Thaddeus Young PHI Wing 12.0 $7,478,261
Carl Landry NOR Big 12.0 $8,500,000
Brandon Bass BOS Big 11.9 $4,250,000
O.J. Mayo MEM Wing 11.9 $5,632,637
Luke Ridnour MIN Point 11.8 $3,680,000
Tayshaun Prince DET Wing 11.8 $6,292,135
David West IND Big 11.8 $10,000,000
Byron Mullens CHA Big 11.6 $1,288,200
JaVale McGee WSH Big 11.6 $2,462,400
Nicolas Batum POR Wing 11.4 $2,155,365
Ricky Rubio MIN Point 11.4 $3,480,120
J.J. Redick ORL Wing 11.4 $6,750,000
Jordan Crawford WSH Wing 11.0 $1,120,440
Mario Chalmers MIA Point 11.0 $4,000,000
Arron Afflalo DEN Wing 11.0 $7,750,000
Darren Collison IND Point 10.9 $1,455,960
Paul George IND Wing 10.9 $2,406,240
Richard Jefferson SAS Wing 10.9 $9,282,000
Andre Miller DEN Point 10.8 $7,807,728
Tyson Chandler NYK Big 10.7 $13,107,838
Elton Brand PHI Big 10.7 $17,059,728
Marvin Williams ATL Wing 10.6 $7,500,000
Jose Calderon TOR Point 10.5 $9,780,991
Drew Gooden MIL Big 10.5 $6,226,200
Jared Dudley PHX Wing 10.4 $4,250,000
C.J. Miles UTAH Wing 10.3 $3,700,000
Dorell Wright GSW Wing 10.3 $3,823,000
Raymond Felton POR Point 10.3 $7,560,000
Evan Turner PHI Wing 10.2 $4,947,840
DeJuan Blair SAS Big 10.1 $986,000
Tony Allen MEM Wing 9.9 $3,150,000
Anderson Varejao CLE Big 9.9 $7,700,000
George Hill IND Point 9.7 $1,540,463
Jordan Farmar NJN Point 9.7 $4,000,000
Tyler Hansbrough IND Big 9.5 $2,138,040
Grant Hill PHX Wing 9.5 $6,500,000
Devin Harris UTAH Point 9.4 $9,319,000
Emeka Okafor NOR Big 9.4 $12,642,500
Shannon Brown PHX Wing 9.3 $3,500,000
Landry Fields NYK Wing 9.2 $762,195
Jodie Meeks PHI Wing 9.2 $854,389
Brandon Rush GSW Wing 9.2 $2,956,658
Marco Belinelli NOR Wing 9.2 $3,377,604
Ramon Sessions CLE Point 9.1 $4,257,973
Toney Douglas NYK Point 9.0 $1,145,640
Tiago Splitter SAS Big 9.0 $3,672,000
Jonas Jerebko DET Wing 9.0 $4,500,000
Chase Budinger HOU Wing 8.9 $854,389
Gordon Hayward UTAH Wing 8.9 $2,532,960
Norris Cole MIA Point 8.8 $1,035,960
Jimmer Fredette SAC Point 8.8 $2,238,360
Samuel Dalembert HOU Big 8.8 $7,000,000
Joakim Noah CHI Big 8.5 $12,000,000
Delonte West DAL Point 8.4 $854,389
Boris Diaw CHA Big 8.4 $9,000,000
DeAndre Jordan LAC Big 8.4 $10,079,404
Rashard Lewis WSH Wing 8.3 $21,136,631
Alonzo Gee CLE Wing 8.2 $854,389
Carlos Delfino MIL Wing 8.2 $3,500,000
Omri Casspi CLE Wing 8.1 $1,341,960
Ersan Ilyasova MIL Wing 8.1 $2,541,000
Goran Dragic HOU Point 8.0 $2,108,000
Jameer Nelson ORL Point 8.0 $8,600,000
Lamar Odom DAL Wing 8.0 $8,900,000

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