How to setup a perfectly legal and safe proxy

DISCLAIMER: This post is for educational purposes only. Using a proxy is perfectly legal and a great way to enhance security but is NOT meant for illegal use. I have edited the title and jumped right to the point to avoid any confusion that I was writing this to spread or condone any illegal activity. SLCDunk does not condone using this for any wrong doing.

UPDATE: Nov 4th, for whatever reason things are not working correctly and I am still trouble shooting the issue. I am getting reports of "This game is unavailable due to technical difficulties" I hope to have this resolved shortly.

You will have to excuse me and any format mistakes this post may have as I am unfamiliar with this layout, so please bare with me. Credit for this method goes to Onlyamd

Using a proxy is a legal and safe way to enhance the security of your internet connection. Finding fast proxies is difficult so i will teach you in this post how to make one through your LAN(Local Area Network)

Unfortunately you will need to use Internet Explorer for this.(I will try to figure out Safari for mac users as soon as possible) It is best to use default browsers for things like this so you don't mess with the mojo of your main browser you have spent so much time trying to get just right.

1.Open Internet Explorer

2.Click on Tools, then Internet Options


4.LAN settings

5.Click on the box that says "make a proxy server for your LAN" then type into the box below "" then the numbers "8080" next to it in the box marked "Port"

6. click on "Advanced settings" and in the HTTP: box type in the same numbers as before "" the "8080" in the Port

7.Underneath that it will say "Exceptions"(This is where you will allow all but one of the connections to go through your home connections as they do not need to be proxied). In that box type.;;http://nlds*;http://nlds*.cdnl3.neuli;;http://nlds*;http://nlds*;http://nlds* then click accept.

And there you have it!You have setup a fast,safe LAN proxy.

NOTE: this is a German proxy, if you have any issues with speed here is a list of American proxies with fast speeds, you just simply replace the numbers in step 5 and 6 with any of these.

I hope I have been of help and that this will work for you..

Good luck and if you have any questions I can be reached on twitter always @colbyspradlin

Edit:I have updated the proxy(as of the last update,waiting for confirmation if this is still the one to be used,use the ones in the list from the link provided above as well to check different speeds if you are having any problems) port 8080

Edit: Added new exceptions to be entered in for faster and smoother video.


All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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