Do Jazz fans' perspectives align with Locke?

So, I'm always reading SLCD. Thanks Amar, Yucca, Andy, Diana, and Moni. You all contribute to making my life a continual waste of time. Because of them, I read a lot of points of view about the team and its players; these writers' point of view as well as others, such as fan posts, and comments. So was reading Locke today, as I do a lot, and I had some thoughts on some of the articles Locke wrote today.

His question 18 of 20,

And his question 19 of 20,

After reading over those 2 articles I just felt that Locke has the wrong idea about some of the concepts that we fans, or objective fans, are really thinking about. Reflecting on the perspectives that I have read on SLCD and trying to match it up with what Locke was saying just wasn't making sense. I hopped onto Google + (Gerald Playle if anyone wants to add me. Also the same on FB...look I'm social networking advertising myself on SLCD) and made a comment to Locke about my perspective about the C4 or more specifically Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors in relation to Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap.

"Locke, ok. You talk about the Core 4 and also about Al and Paul. These things are intertwined, and I'm sure you realize that. As fans though, in which I don't think it is expressed to you in quite the correct way, Al and Paul can be on the team. Al and Paul can be part of the improvement of the team overall, but I've been running numbers for Al, Favors, and Hayward. Favors' and Hayward's PPP and PPS after the All-Star break were crazy good. Statistically they were vastly superior to Al. It's not that the objective fan wouldn't want Al on the team, it's that we don't want him as the #1 option on the team. We don't want to be running post-iso-Al offense the whole time when these guys should be getting more minutes and more of the possessions for development while maintaining Al and Paul.

I'm sure that you would agree with me that it was because of Hayward after the All-Star break that the Jazz really were able to go to the Playoffs. Now as a fan, i'm still holding my assessments for Enes and Alec. They really haven't shown their "jumps" yet as young players to be more of the focus for the team, but I would say that Hayward and Favors have, that they have "earned" their minutes and time on the floor. Looking at Favors' stats for just after the All-Star break, he was also crazy good too, just not as many minutes on the floor as Hayward. As a fan looking at just stats, I have to ask myself "why?". Also when Favors was starting and when Al had a DNP, the Jazz won all but 1 game. You also even mention how Al is near elite offense (looking over stats I would argue with that, but I digress) but Al is horrible on defense. Overall makes him an average player. Favors is considered above average on offense (after All-Star break stats begin to show better than just "above average") but also near elite on defense. This makes Favors an above average player overall. A better player than Al overall.

For the FO and the coaching staff to not value Hayward and Favors right now more than others is something I would have a hard time as a fan dealing with. I could be wrong and both of those players could end up not developing any more than what they have done, but I doubt this. To not value those 2 more than others I feel is an error of the Jazz FO and coaching staff.

I think the better team improvement isn't having Al and Paul the focus and having Favors and Hayward (along with Enes and Alec) develop under them with less focus on them, but with more focus on Favors and Hayward and having Al and Paul supporting them. (If Enes and Alec show improvement then Al and Paul can support them as well.)"

Also, after I posted this response to Locke, I worked out the numbers for Millsap the same way I did for Al, Favors, and Hayward. Turns out that Millsap's PPP was just slightly worse than Hayward's reworked PPP numbers, but Hayward far out does everyone in PPS. I did this to make sure I was looking at stats to have some numerical evidence about having Hayward and Favors the primary options above both Al and Paul. The numbers worked out to what my hunch was.

Well, that was my point of view. What about everyone else's? What is your perspective with this current team's player workings?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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