Ty Corbin Rant

I may have never have played or coached professional basketball, but I don't think it takes a brilliant basketball mind to realize Ty is putting together some stinker lineups. If I asked most Jazz fans to list the best offensive creators/initators/go-to-guys on the Jazz it would probably start with some order of: Jefferson/Millsap/Mo Williams/Hayward/Burks.

During the pretty inexcusable loss to the hornets (sans Gordon and Unibrow for most of the night) we saw extended periods of lineups like Tinsley/Foye/Carrol/Kanter/Favors. Second unit lineups were unable to do anything offensively because they had no offensive creators. We are all begging for youth minutes, but not only is Ty very reluctant to play them, when he finally does he is putting them in positions to fail. There is no way for offense to work for a lineup like that. Unless they have a huge mismatch I am of the opinion we should not post up Favors (or Millsap for that matter) - he is just not ready to bring that type of game yet. Kanter's post up game is also not really ready to carry a unit - he still can not pass out of the double team effectively.

Basically we need someone who can generate offense with that second unit. Foye played well last night cause he played within his game - hitting open jumpers. He can't create shots for himself so he should not be with that unit. I would be fine with putting Millsap, Burks, or Hayward with these guys and tbh I think we all know Favors should be starting for his D (atleast to see how it works)

Corbin just seems like he coaches scared. Very unwilling to try most things unless it consists of playing veterans. He is too risk averse which is a shame because it seems like he has franchise support so he shouldn't be so timid.

Other thoughts on the night:

Mo Williams was fairly terrible. Could just be a bad night for him but to me it seemed like he was trying to do too much. He wanted to carry the team at points but he really is not a top tier point guard capable of doing that. Led to several forced passes that easily got picked off. Also took some questionable shots early in the shot-clock.

Millsap struggled (as did most starters) and we need to incorporate him into offensive sets better. No postups unless he has an obvious mismatch. His faceup/pick n roll game should be much better (he is above average ball handler/shooter for his position, but below average in height).

Other than one nice play were he showed and forced the handler to step out of bounds, Jefferson's D was pretty horrendous.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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