This season is going according to plan... at least according to my plan.

OK, hear me out here. There were basically 3 realistic scenarios that were plausible when this season started. I'm saying plausible here knowing what we know about TY and the F.O. (Ty always plays vets over youth, FO wants playoffs or bust)

Scenario 1 -

Jazz trade a few vets at beginning of season and play the year out with their young guys and fight their way to a 5-8 seed. Young guys get a chance to develop and we see where we are at. (not very likely that they'd trade vets to start the season given the recent history of the team)

Scenario 2 -

Jazz keep play their vets heavy minutes and are in decent position to make the playoffs come trade deadline. Because they are fighting for a spot in the playoffs, they stand pat at trade deadline and make a playoff push. They eek their way into a 7-8 seed and maybe win a couple games before being eliminated. They preach all is well because we made the playoffs and improvements have been made from last season. We go into the offseason with so many unanswered questions about the team and the direction it's taking. Young guys still not getting enough time to develop.

Scenario 3 -

Jazz play vets heavily and they struggle with the difficult schedule. Young guys play great behind them and the fans are going nuts. Ty screws over at least one of the young guys by giving them next to no minutes. (OK, maybe I didn't see that coming but it doesn't surprise me in the least). Ends up giving a no good washed up vet heavy minutes (Foye, I'm looking directly at you). Jazz struggle and are approaching the trade deadline with a ton of work to do to even qualify for the playoffs. The front office realizes it is highly unlikely we make the playoffs, looks at free agency looming, and decides that the young guys are playing well enough and it's time to hand over the keys. They trade their vets for future assets or players that fit into the long term plan.

Obviously things are going according to scenario 3 which I think is awesome. We all were somewhat delusional if we thought Ty wouldn't pull a Ty and overplay the vets at the expense of the youth. Not his MO. So if he wasn't going to play his best players (the young guys) the next best scenario is that the youth were kicking ass behind the vets and our record put us in a position to trade our vets and hand the keys over to the youth at the trade deadline. To be honest, I hope we are 5-7 games under .500 at the deadline and make some moves. Our record needs to force the F.O. to make changes otherwise they won't do anything.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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