Herein lies the problem...

...if there is a problem, that is.

Bill Simmons, who I hate but can't not read, believes strongly that point guard play is significant to every team's success. He talks about how we can't pass judgment on NY Knicks until they add a decent pg to Carmelo and A'ma'r'e. (I personally think Carmelo will never again be a champion...)

Mr. Simmons also believes that we're in a golden age of point guards. See his quote:

9. Has there ever been a better year for point guards?

The short answer: No. It's like the quarterback boom in football — and if you want to extend the analogy, some of the NBA's rule changes last decade (dumping hand checks, speeding up the game) helped point guards much like the NFL's rule changes (changing the pass interference rules, protecting quarterbacks) helped passing. But you still need the talent, and fortunately, we're blessed with Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry (although his paper-mache ankles are starting to worry me), Tony Parker (another killer season for him), Kyle Lowry (morphing into a poor man's Fat Lever), Steve Nash, Ty Lawson (one of the fastest NBA players ever), Rubio, Irving, John Wall (coming on), Jrue Holiday (already came on) and Brandon Jennings (finally made a leap this year) … suddenly you're in good hands with half the league's point guards running your team. And we didn't even mention capable veterans like Mike Conley, the Semi-Rejuvenated Jose Calderon, Ray Felton and Andre Miller; The Artist Formerly Known as Jason Kidd; Baron (if he has anything left in the tank); works in progress like Brandon Knight (I'm a fan), T.B.H. Evans,8 Roddy Beaubois (a possible late bloomer???) and Kemba Walker; or even Jimmer Fredette's abundant garbage time skills.9

Look, it's not rocket science: Any basketball game is going to be more entertaining with competent-or-better point guards running the show. (Cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding.) Without the right point guard, you won't get fast break points or easy baskets (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), you won't have good ball movement (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), it's harder to get your post guys the ball in the right spots (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding), and you might have to rely on one perimeter player shooting 25 to 30 times a game while everyone else stands around (cut to Knicks and Lakers fans nodding vigorously while fighting off tears). More point guards = more fun.10

uhhhhhh, sooo uhhhhhh, which team is conspicuously absent from his list....

Is solid PG the missing link for the Jazz, the difference between barely making/barely missing the playoffs and being a real threat in the playoffs? How much better is the rest of our team with a better PG?

Personally, I'm ready for Earl to start, but I have also noticed (especially when I was at the ESA monday night) that he is not just a pass-first PG, but on a break, he's a pass-only guard. He doesn't threaten to go all the way to the hoop the way Devin-at-his-best plays. Earl's had his moments in the lane, but mostly he stays out because he isn't super effective there ----- in my unscientific opinion.

Where are we with respect to our PG roster? Stand pat? Cross our fingers for the future? Trade assets now? Trade any asset now?

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