KOC is on the clock

In my opinion, Kevin O'Connor is now on the clock. Between now and the trade deadline (March 15th), something needs to give.

At this point, with the schedule starting to even out (and it still hasn't yet), I think even the most homer Jazz fans are starting to see that this Jazz team is (at best) a .500 team. And it won't get any better this year or next.

Without any changes, next years rotation will look just like this team's rotation. Most likely the only the exception will maybe be Burks getting Howards minutes. But just like we are seeing with Hayward, it will be a tough learning curve for Burks without getting many meaningful minutes as a rookie. Our young bigs will still be averaging under 20 min. Hayward will improve, but Bell will get slower. I think CJ is who he is (a solid backup). Whatever rookie(s) we pick up will be getting Burks' (lack of) minutes. And the win total will be about the same. And, all of this is assuming Corbin is able to maintain the level of motivation that he has thus far been able to produce.

The year after next will start the rebuilding process. Two years late.

Right now the PG position is the only position that is performing below average (considering all 48 minutes). It is performing well below average. Earl is a great backup, but Harris is maybe the 28th or 29th best starting PG in the league. He should be a backup the rest of his career. But putting Earl in as the starter wouldn't change anything. He can't play that effective for more than 20-24 min/game, and that is what he is playing.

The answer is obvious. We need to trade for a PG. Easier said than done, I know, but if it isn't we are looking at (at least) another 1.5 seasons of a slightly below mediocre team.

So...... I think we will learn a lot about how good (or not) KOC and the front office is on this trade deadline. They have to know that there isn't a great chance of drafting a franchise PG between now and then. They have to know that even if we get Golden State's pick this year (I think unlikely), the best available player at that spot (playing the percentages) is going to be a PF.

We are deep in the front-court, with two #3 picks showing potential but getting slim minutes. Everyone knows this. I know KOC is probably playing the waiting game, as is his m.o.. Wait and see what other teams are doing. Be patient looking for a good, safe play. But now is the time. The offers will be worse by next year.

The Jazz either find a way to turn Millsap or Jefferson (and what ever draft picks needed) into a quality starting PG, or lets get use to being the 10th best team in the West for the next few years.

The clock has started.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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