Millsap+ Jefferson for Kevin Garnett's expiring contract+Brandon Bass+ picks?

Hi guys, Celtics fan here.

We know you guys like Rondo, but most Celtics fans like him too.

We understand that Kanter and Favors are your future in the paint, and how you would love Rondo to be getting the ball to them inside.

Anyway, we Celtics fans would love to get a shot at a title with Rondo+Pierce, and where we are getting crushed is on the offensive/defensive boards.

How open would Jazz fans be to taking on KG's giant contract (which expires at the end of this season) for Millsap and Big Al's $23.5 million combined worth?

We would give you both our first round picks and whatever fillers you would like. eg: Brandon Bass, JaJuan Johnson, Avery Bradley etc...

This way you would clear the books of Big Al and Millsap, whilst getting the two first rounders to play with, and two very solid young players in Johnson and Bradley, and a tested beast of a 6th man in Brandon Bass.

I know Jazz fans want Rondo for Millsap and Jefferson, but Danny Ainge really won't move Rondo for either of them. Maybe if you gave us both of them for Rondo and a pick, or your Nets/Golden state pick +Millsap might work.

Would there be any chance of this happening?

If not, would you guys take anything else for the two of your older (they're only 27 I know) big men?

Lets try and help each other out here....and no, I'm not trying to hose you, just seeing if the cap relief would help you guys develop Kanter and Favors quicker, whilst using the picks to build with.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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