Tank you very much

There are a couple of themes emerging in each thread that I would like to sort out, especially since there have been so many requests, nay challenges, for cogent arguments. (It's like the knights of the round table around here sometimes with people throwing down gloves and gauntlets...)

1. The front office has declared its intention to win games now and succeed with the current roster and coach.

2. Several SLCdunkers have suggested it's time to tank and get the best chance in the lottery.

3. Some have argued the merits of keeping and playing veterans. If Ty Corbin were a blogger, we assume he would be in this camp.

4. Most, though, have clamored for a youth movement, let the young guns play in order to develop. We assume that Jeremy Evans is in this camp, along with Ray Borque and the two young bigs.

Here's the gap in the logic: you can't say you want the young guys to play AND say that you want to give up this season and hope for a good lotto slot, BECAUSE THE VETS ARE THE ONES LOSING GAMES! NEVER MORE EVIDENT THAN LAST NIGHT IN MINNY!!!!

If you want us to tank, then you also need to want the vets getting all the playing time, right? In other words, Ty Corbin (who has played poor-playing vets at inopportune moments) is clearly either a) delusional or b) already trying to tank, which makes him a kind of genius or madman.

I mean, if you want the jazz to rebuild (and admit they're rebuilding), then your favorite lineup in any given game will include Harris and Howard at least, and then - debatably - jefferson, CJ, Bell, etc. If you want to win now, then wouldn't you want Hayward at all times, Burks as much as possible, and either Kanter or Favors in any given minute? They are not only our team's core contractually, but also talent-wise. Only Jefferson has a legitimate claim to outplaying any of those guys, and that's only if we narrow the conversation strictly to scoring.

If I were in the front office, here's the argument I would make:

  • We're not a contender playing Harris, Howard and company. The more minutes they get, the less our younger players develop.
  • If we play the young guys, they develop for sure.
  • If they happen to lose while they're developing, then we're in better shape for the lottery - no worse for the wear.
  • If they happen to win while they're developing - which I think is not unreasonable, then that's awesome because that means we have some serious young players and a fun team to watch and something to cheer for, which is, after all, the point.
Now.... one of you stats-obsessed guys needs to demonstrate the lineup that is most likely to tank so we can all decide if that's really what we want to watch for the next 30 games.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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