The NBA Draft and more- Jazz

As all of you know, the Jazz probably have 2 picks in a really deep draft. Right now its the 10th and 12th, but that will probably change by the end of the year. But for now lets project who the Jazz are going to take at those picks.

Needs: PG, backup SG/SF.

10th: Quincy Miller: The guy will increase his draft stock because of his athleticism. He tore his ACL on Dec. 10, 2010. It usually takes about 2 years to fully recover from that type of injury. What you see him do in Baylor is not his full ability. He is better than what he is showing. There have been comparisons to Kevin Durant and I think that that is a pretty good value pick for the the 10th. He will be a safe pick if Alec Burks or Gordon Hayward don't pan out and he has Star abilities.

12th: Kendall Marshall: Lets face it. He's not the best PG out there, but the guy can pass the rock and on a team with so many offensive weapons that is what the Jazz need. His 3pt shot isn't that bad and he improves the players around him. A pretty safe pick.

Who I'd Resign:

Jeremy Evans: Man those he's really athletic and has the ability to become a shot-blocking Blake Griffin.

Josh Howard: Veteren presence is needed on a very young team, plus the guy can play.

Earl Watson: Pass-first PG, perfect for this team.

Who I'd Keep:

Paul Millsap: You're getting 16 pts on 50 FG% and 83 FT% along with 9.3 rebs and 1.5 stls and .8 blks. for only 7.2 million. That is a steal.

Who I'd Trade:

Al Jefferson: You can't have a 6'9" center and win in this league.

Devin Harris: Worthless. Amnesty Him or trade as an expiring.

The 2012-2013 Utah Jazz Starting Lineup

PG: Kendall Marshall (need him to mesh well with teammates)

SG: *Alec Burks (I see him as a bigger Monta Ellis, who can defend, and the 3pt shot will eventually come)

SF: Gordon Hayward

PF: Paul Millsap (Super cheap)

C: *Derrick Favors (per 36's includes 15 pts, 9.5 rebs and 1.7 blks, these are only going to improve with increased playing time)

Bench: Earl Watson, Josh Howard, *Enes Kanter, *Quincy Miller, *Jeremy Evans (DUNKS GALORE)

*= Capable of becoming All-Stars

Also a new coach would probably be much appreciated, since it seems like Alec Burks is outplaying all SGs.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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