Timberwolves Vs. Jazz Post Game Thread -- Wolves take it to Overtime, Paul Millsap takes over

Game 43: Minnesota Timberwolves 105 @ Utah Jazz 111

Yeah, this was a game to watch. Of course, I did not get a chance to finish it. I will when I get home. The Jazz had a good lead (a product of the veterans and youth working together in mixed linups -- glad it took 65% of the season to figure that one out), the Wolves fought back -- and then Paul Millsap Millslapped Kevin Love. Like he usually does. Love got his numbers, 25 points and 16 boards and 1 assist -- but he went to the line 10 times (missing half), went 2/8 from three (clutch), and needed 23 shots to get 25 points. And for those keeping score at home, he went 9/23. MIllsap *only* had 16 points (3 FTA), 11 boards, 8 steals, 4 assists, and 2 blocks. Oh yeah, and the W.

So I guess we call them the Minnesota Timberolves now.


Quick Beats:

  • C.J. Miles wasn't cleared to play by the team doctors because he had vertigo
  • Alec Burks stepped up and had 15 points (6/8 fg), got to the line 4 times, and was playing with improved synergy with Gordon Hayward and others. Was nice to see.
  • Big Al Jefferson had a double double, but shot only 5/13
  • Devin Harris (18 points, 4 assists) is just going loco from downtown now.
  • Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter were like Twin Colossuses in the paint, they finished with 22 rebounds, 1 steal, 4 blocks -- but only 6 points. Most of that was Favors -- but you can't really discount their presence in the paint as a tandem.
  • Jamaal Tinsley finished with 6 points, 5 assists, and a +15 in +/-, best in the game, in 20 minutes of action
  • Love, Pekovic and Ridnour were the guys I mentioned in the preview, and they did okay. Finishing with a combined 63 points, 27 rebounds, and 16 assists. They average 50 / 24 / 6, so . . . not bad.
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