While You Were Sleeping - March 24th

March 23, 2012; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson (3) attempts to split the defense of Utah Jazz point guard Devin Harris (5) and center Al Jefferson (25) during the first quarter at Energy Solutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Last night was pick your poison night. Some shuffling around above the Jazz, a little below, but nothing to really help the Jazz, per se. After the final buzzer of last night's games, the Jazz sat in the same spot (7th) and a game out of 4th.


Western Conference - While you were sleeping
Seed Team Game Result W L % GB
1 Oklahoma City Thunder 36 12 75.0% --
2 San Antonio Spurs @NOH W 32 14 69.6% 3
3 Los Angeles Lakers 30 18 62.5% 6
4 Los Angeles Clippers MEM W 27 21 56.3% 9
5 Dallas Mavericks @HOU W 28 22 56.0% 9
6 Memphis Grizzlies @LAC L 25 21 54.3% 10
7 Utah Jazz 26 22 54.2% 10
8 Denver Nuggets 26 22 54.2% 10
9 Houston Rockets DAL L 26 23 53.1% 10.5
10 Phoenix Suns 24 24 50.0% 12
11 Minnesota Timberwolves 23 26 46.9% 13.5
12 Portland Trail Blazers 22 26 45.8% 14
13 Golden State Warriors SAC W 20 26 43.5% 15
14 Sacramento Kings "@GSW L 17 31 35.4% 19
15 New Orleans Hornets SAS L 12 36 25.0% 24

While you were sleeping:

The Good News!

  • None of it was "good"


The 'Meh' (it was all 'meh')

  • Grizzlies 85 - Clippers 101: Home sweet home for the struggling Clips. You're safe for now, VDN. Safe for now.
  • Spurs 89 - Hornets 86: Another close one for the Hornets. Little to no chance for the Jazz to catch the Spurs anyway.
  • Mavericks 101 - Rockets 99: This one was tight, too. Rox drop out of the playoff picture by a half game.
  • Kings 108 - Warriors 111: This was the closest to "good". All depends on how the rest of the season goes down.

The Bad:

  • None of it bad, either.

Tonight's Important Games:

  • Jazz @ Hawks: I LOVE Sunday afternoon games. The boys gotta help themselves here.
  • Suns @ Cavaliers: NBA.com is touting the PG Battle as the Suns finish up their long roadie.
  • Nuggets @ Timberwolves: Wolves should be fired up after a tough 2OT loss to OKC the other night
  • 76ers @ Spurs: Spurs coming off b2b. Will the old fellas play?
  • Heat @ Thunder: ESPN's "Possible NBA Finals Preview". Probably.
  • Warriors @ Trailblazers: Two powerful tank commanders go head to head. Think Rommel vs. Patton.
  • Grizzlies @ Lakers: Same place, different lighting for the Grizzlies. Unlike the Spurs, the Lakers are catch-able.
I hope I didn't miss anything this time. Whew.
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