While You Were Sleeping - March 27th

Mar 26, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; Utah Jazz forwardcenter Derrick Favors (15) controls the ball as New Jersey Nets power forward Kris Humphries (43) defends during the first half at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE

Quite a few Western Conference games last night, but not much change in the playoff seeding. Houston and Denver swapped spots again, and the Suns fell back to .500. The Jazz now have a 2 game lead on the Suns and a half game on the Rockets. It looks like the Warriors gave the Lakers a run, but I have a feeling the Lakers were never really in jeopardy.

Because of all this talk about standings, I wanted to point out the article on True Hoop yesterday about tanking. If you haven't had the chance, I highly recommend you check it out. Henry Abbott makes some fantastic points about how it has become a legitimate strategy and absolutely destroys some of the worst front offices in the league.

Playoff standings and WYWS, after the Jump

Western Conference - While You Were Sleeping
Seed Team Game Result W L % GB
1 Oklahoma City Thunder @POR W 38 12 76.0% --
2 San Antonio Spurs @PHX W 34 14 70.8% 3
3 Los Angeles Lakers @GSW W 31 19 62.0% 7
4 Los Angeles Clippers 28 21 57.1% 9.5
5 Dallas Mavericks HOU W 29 22 56.9% 9.5
6 Memphis Grizzlies MIN W 27 21 56.3% 10
7 Utah Jazz 27 23 54.0% 11
8 Denver Nuggets 27 23 54.0% 11
9 Houston Rockets @DAL L 27 24 52.9% 11.5
10 Phoenix Suns SAS L 25 25 50.0% 13
11 Minnesota Timberwolves @MEM L 24 27 47.1% 14.5
12 Portland Trail Blazers OKC L 23 27 46.0% 15
13 Golden State Warriors LAL L 20 28 41.7% 17
14 Sacramento Kings 17 32 34.7% 20.5
15 New Orleans Hornets 12 37 24.5% 25.5

While you were sleeping:


The Good News!

  • Spurs 107 - Suns 100: A little cushion from the bottom.


The 'Meh' !

  • Rockets 81 - Mavericks 90: It would have been nice to close the gap with Dallas, but this is ok.

Tonight's Important Games:

  • Jazz @ Celtics: I think we all know how this one goes.
  • Suns @ Clippers: Dear Steve Nash, could use some help here. Signed, Jazz fans
  • Hornets @ Warriors: Dubs with the rare back to back home games.
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