The People in the Press Have Never Coached a Game Edition - The Downbeat - #717

Phil Johnson had a much different view than we did on Tyrone Corbin's substitutions (or lack of) in the Atlanta OOOOT game (KFAN):

I've heard criticism of why [Corbin] didn't substitute in the Atlanta game. I think it's ridiculous. How many players did Atlanta substitute while the overtimes were going on? In that situation, you don't know it's going to go four overtimes...

Your chances of going four overtimes are slim, so you just stay with those guys that have been playing well for you...look at Atlanta, how many substitutions they made in the overtimes. They didn't make any [except for Josh Smith fouling out].

You know, the second-guessing stuff is just ridiculous to me. You go by feel; you ask guys how they feel. "Are you ok?" If they really are getting fatigued, you can see it...So that disturbs me. And then you get people in the press talking about it. Obviously, they haven't coached a game in their life.

Phil also said that in his opinion, Al Jefferson is the Jazz's best big man, with the caveat that he thinks Paul Millsap is a combo big who's not a true big man.

Gordon Hayward, meanwhile, also saw the Big Al and KG scuffle than we did (KFAN):

I didn't really see it. I just turned around and saw the last part. I don't know what started it...I just saw KG elbow Big Al and that's unacceptable. I don't think that should be allowed. Al's just supposed to sit there and take that?

I think it's good that he stood up for himself and our teammates had his back as give both of them technical fouls is kind of ludicrous, but it is what it is. We were in Boston and they're gonna let him get away with certain things that other guys probably wouldn't get away with. It was good that Big Al stood his ground.

Agree/disagree that Al's teammates had his back? I don't think I saw one guy react or step towards them.

If you love our rookies and sophs and you also love advanced stats, give The Utah Jazz Blog's podcast with Andy Larsen (numbers analyst and champion spaghetti eater) a listen.

Andy has attended more Sloan Sports Analytics Conferences than anyone in the Jazz front office (he has attended one), so you know he's legit.

Back in 2006, Craig Bolerjack and Ron Boone were the Jazz's TV commentators. Matt Harpring's reputation for missing layups, meanwhile, was growing.

In this video of Andrei Kirilenko's triple double on Jan. 17, 2006, Harpring had the chance to get AK the triple double but blew the layup. Obviously Boler had no idea that Harpring would one day be sitting next to him on the call, but it was funny to listen to his reaction when Matt missed (and then missed a second layup right after the first one). Courtesy of @Jazzbasketball1:

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