Jazz Vs. Clippers Game Thread -- Tonight . . . is Lob City

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Game 53: Utah Jazz (27-25, Road: 8-18) @ Los Angeles Clippers (30-21, Home: 19-8)

No, I didn't have a stroke when I wrote that, I'm just quoting Matt Harpring.

This is the last game of Hell Month. The Jazz let a "should win" slip away last night and turned it into a loss. Tonight's going to be a battle, but the only way to make up for last night is to turn a "may win" into a definite win. This is the playoff push we're talking about here. It's one thing to lose important games if there's nothing on the line; but the Jazz have come out and said that they are "no-foolin' now" going for the playoffs. I want my team to reach the goals they have. So, Go Jazz Go. (*Cough* Stealth Tank *Cough*)

Last time around the Clippers started the game off with easy buckets (Lobs, if you will), and in crunch time Chris Paul took control. There was no answer for him. (No, no DeMarcus Cousins, you're not the answer. Okay . . . put the bunny back in the box . . . good DeMarcus. Here are some seeds, run along now and play.) The Clippers are on a 6 game home winning streak, and have won of their last 4 games in a row. They are "hot" right now and claiming their home court playoff seed.

The Jazz need to figure things out soon and claim their playoff seed (even if it's on the road). We can't rely upon the kindness of strangers at this part of the season, especially if we don't help ourselves first (and we're not helping ourself by dropping games to the Kings).

Liner Notes:

  • Raja Bell (UTA), you know the drill. He visited the holy hands and was cured of his leprosy. Or something. I didn't read the medical report yet.
  • Josh Howard (UTA) had successful surgery (knee scoped) and looks to be back in a month. Or something. Again, I didn't read the medical report and I don't think he understands that being back in a month isn't going to be that useful to the Jazz. But I'm not complaining.
  • Chauncey Billups (LAC) is out for the rest of the season with an Achilles injury
  • Mo Williams (LAC) is going to miss this game with a sprained toe
  • The Clippers acquired Nick Young and Kenyon Martin, who we have yet to face this season, so that should be fun
  • I hope Vinny Del Negro has gotten to that part of his career with the Clippers where he's driving home every night is a fresh pack of laser printer paper tucked under his jacket . . . 'cause he's not going to be here much longer
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