Point Guards in the 2012 Draft

Hey Jazz fans as an out of town fan I just want to say thanks to all the staff of the SLCDunk blog as it is my foremost connection to Utah Jazz happenings.

I quickly want to go over Point Guards in this years draft and ask everybody what they think about various players potentially in the draft this year. I think many of us can agree that with the young core of Burks, Hayward, Favors and Kanter the remaining young talent to add has to be in the point guard position. As many of you have surmised and as past history would suggest, drafting a PG to a small market team might be the most viable option.

The unfortunate part of this is that this years draft class is particularly weak at PG, meaning that it might just be best for the jazz to draft best available as they have shown in the past as their strategy. I tend to go with this, but for arguments sake lets take a look at this years PG prospects and which ones we think would be best for the jazz.

Let us work under the presumption that we will draft somewhere in the range of 8-14 at present time.

with the lack of depth in the draft I will single out three guys who would be worth drafting

Damian Lillard, Tony Wroten and Kendall Marshall. Now while they are ranked rather low at this point, i.e. well within the possible reach of the Jazz pick, there is the possibility that a PG desperate team ahead of the jazz would snatch one of these guys before the Jazz could, but which teams are PG desperate ahead of the Jazz at this point and would possibly reach to draft a PG?

Charlotte - Kemba - No

New Orleans - Jarret Jack/vasquez - YES

Washington - Wall - No

Sacramento - Thomas/Evans/fredette - No

New Jersey - Dwill - No

Golden State - Curry - No

Toronto - Calderon/Bayless - Maybe

Phoenix - Nash (getting old) - YES

detroit - Knight - No

Cleveland - Kyrie - No

Milwaukee - Jennings - No

New York - Lin - No

So we see that generally and surprisingly many of these bad teams seemingly are in a position where they have their point guard of the future. Three teams could possibly stretch to grab a point guard this year, and they are NO, Toronto and Phoenix. Now lets assume NO has one of the top picks, and they have a great chance because they are terrible. It is unlikely they would would reach so far up as teh 13th ranked prospect when having options like Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond and Harrison Barnes to pick from, just to grab a point guard. So that leaves us with Toronto and Phoenix. So in essence there is a great chance that the Utah Jazz could have all three of these guys on the table when their pick is up. But are they worth drafting?

Damian Lillard - ESPN rank - 13

Damian Lillard was always a scorer at Weber State but his points rebounds and assists have grown beyond what NBA scouts could ignore, and no doubt Norris Cole has helped ease the notion that small school PG's can't play and helped boost Lillard's stock. He is the the best scoring option for Weber and therefore asked to score a lot, and while 3.9 assists is respectable it might not be the output that the jazz are looking for. If the Jazz drafted Lillard who would seem to be a score first guy would he fit in? I'm not sure.

Damian Lillard 2011-12 Basketball Highlights (via WeberStateWildcats)

Would like to see a little more assists, but thats the way the video was edited, ahh well.

Weber State's Damian Lillard Puts Up 40 points on Portland State (via WeberStateNews)

Tony Wroten Jr. - ESPN rank - 21

Wroten probably has the most potential to improve over the other two, and has tremendous size (6'5'' 205) and athleticism for the position, I can say first hand I have seen him ball and as a Wildcats fan I know there is no other player in the PAC-12 I would rather avoid more than TOny Wroten, he has an assassins mentality but... oh a 0.95 Assist to TO ratio and shoots .185 from 3 land.... ugh, but he's only 18 years old with a high ceiling for improvement.

Tony Wroten Highlight Mix (via swishscout)

Nice elevator music in the background..

Tony Wroten Dunk UW vs UA (2-18-12).mp4 (via danzacb)

Tony Wroten-Ball Handling (via swishscout)

Kendall Marshall - ESPN rank - 26

Kendall Marshall is someone who seems to be growing on a lot of us as his gaudy assist numbers have many of us thinking he could be the perfect distributor for a young core of talent. He does have good size, but troubling is his lack of defense, lack of athleticism and lackluster scoring ability.

UNC vs FSU (February 6, 2011): Kendall Marshall's 16 assists (via battletron100505)

Kendall Marshall - Carolina on My Mind (via SolidDevotion)

Kendall Marshall-Basketball IQ (via swishscout)

So who would you think would be best for the JAZZ?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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