Free Contest: Jazz Vs. Clippers -- Guess the Game Score Results

March 31, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Utah Jazz small forward C.J. Miles (34) dunks to score a basket against the Los Angeles Clippers during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Guess the Game score #12: Utah Jazz 96 -- Los Angeles Clippers 105

Every week I get to make up a contest, and I'm really happy to do it because every week I get to see a lot of really great guesses from you Jazz fans! I would be just awful at this game, but some of you are right on the money. How I pick the winner is based upon simple math . . . you win if you guess the score right. That has only happened twice in 12 tries now. If you don't guess the score exactly right you can still be a winner though. I select the 5 closest disparities from that. So if you guessed the score, but were 4 points off (you under estimated the Jazz by 3 points, and over estimated the bad guys by 1), and someone else was 4 points off (she picked that both teams would score -2 points from the final score each) then you two are tied. There were a lot of ties this time around. (Yes, this is a retro-active change where I'm adding more winners for the previous 11 contests too, which was basically just Top 5, regardless.) This way it is more fair, and more fun. So I will update the spread sheet accordingly . . . but let's give a good e-cheer to our winners this week!.

The Win-rars!

Axis Diff
Jazz Clippers Name
x y
96 105 ACTUAL GAME 0 0 0

97 105 Diana @dianaallen 1 0 1
95 104 Dean Bill @horn_boy78 -1 -1 2
96 102 Brian M. Wilson @utbeamer 0 -3 3
93 105 Jake Jensen @topjazzfan -3 0 3
97 108 Griffin Hoopes @griffinhoopes 1 3 4
95 108 Aaron @CocoDreamboat -1 3 4
92 105 dwillforlife
-4 0 4
98 107 jrclone
2 2 4
99 103 Ryan Dymock @rdymock 3 -2 5

Great job ladies and gents . . . now the next chance to enter into the big prize contest is Friday, April 6th: HOME vs. Golden State Warriors

See you all there!

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