Utah Jazz Youth with Full Analysis, Grades, and Comparisons

Ok, so this is my first ever article that i am writing, and a little about myself is that im a 14 years old and im the biggest jazz fan that you'll ever know, also, i know every thing there is to know about sports that has happened during my time. So i guess ill get started.

Alec Burks:

Grade: A-, With his ability to get to the rim, all he needs to do is become a knockdown shooter and he eventually become a top 5 SG.

The first, and my personal favorite player is Alec Burks. A very above the rim player who gets to the rim and the free throw line at will, solid perimieter defender whos very quick and lengthy and for a rookie it looks like hes been in the league for many years. During the season he is averaging: 15.7 mpg, 7.1 ppg, .8 apg. And for a Rookie/ Bench player, those stats are exactly what you want, you want someone who averages about 1 point every 2 minutes. I admit his assists numbers should be up because ive seen every game that his court vision is great but sometimes he tries to do everything on his own and drive to the lane and fire up a crazy shot (Doesnt help that the jazz dont get any fouls called in their favor...)

Nba Comparison: Dwayne Wade, he has the same slashing ability and athleticism as Wade, and is only an average shooter right now, just like Wade was.

3 Thing To Improve On:

-3 point shooting, hes shooting only 29%.

-Consistency at the free throw line. Hes only shooting 70%, but in his sophmore year at Colorado he was at 83%

. -Add some bulk, too many times ive seen him get destroyed on screens, He is listed at only 195 and i dont even think hes that.

Gordon Hayward:

Grade: B+, He is going to be solid player in this league, i expect him to average around 16 to 20 ppg, and he has the possibility to be a future all star.

Second is Gordon Hayward, a player who doesnt do one thing great but seems to do every thing well. He is a very underrated athlete and defender. Hes very fast and has great hangtime, people dont give him enough credit for his leaping. On the defensive end he has great length to blanket defenders and he has great movement around the floor, and hes probably best known on the defensive end for his amazing chase down blocks on fast breaks. During the season he is averaging: 28.8 mpg, 10.8 ppg, 3.4 rpg, and 3.1 apg. But I think for right now Gordon is best suited coming off the bench simply because has more opportunities to shoot because he doesnt have big Al scarfing down 20 shots a game.

Nba Comparison: Chris Mullin, they both are long defenders with athleticism and they both have the ability to knock down shots.

3 Things To Improve On:

-Consistency from 3 point line, in his rookie season he shot 47%, but this year he is only shooting 28%

-Better rebounding, i know he has been doing it as of late, but still with his length and leaping ability, he should be up there getting 5 to 6 rebounds a game.

-Ball handling, with his ability to pass, he would be the perfect player to run the high pick and roll with his ability to shoot, drive, or pass but he simply doesnt have the handle on ball right now to drive past players or get into the paint.

Derrick Favors:

Grade: A, He needs to develops an offensive game to pair with his dominant defense, and he'll be a first name 20 last name 10 guy.

Third is Derrick Favors, a Raw offensive bigman who can defend and jump out of the gym, not to mention him being 6'10" with a 7'4" wingspan. He, out of all of them has the highest ceiling, With his length hes an excellent shot blocker and add his leaping he can grab rebounds from any point on the floor. I personally think he needs more minutes but has yet to develop a solid, consistent offensive game, his offensive game right now is just dunking all over the place. During the season he is averaging: 20.3 mpg, 8.5 ppg, 6.1 rpg, and .88 bpg.

Nba Comparison: Amare Stoudemire, both true POWER forwards, and both always looking to dunk, not so much Amare anymore, age has caught up to him.

3 Things To Improve On:

-Work with big Al and develop his low post game.

-Work on and shoot the mid range jumper, if he wants to be a top power forward in this league, he'll need to stretch the floor with a 15 footer.

-Build muscle, think Karl "The Mailman" Malone, he was so good because he was just over powering.

Enes Kanter:

Grade: C-, Right now he is just a big body.

The Last one is Enes Kanter, a huge Turkish beast, very slow and not very athletic, but the one thing he has proven he can do is rebound, he is so big and strong that no one can get position on him to get the rebound, in his per 36 minutes, he is averaging about 12 ppg and 12 rpg. Right now he hasn't proven he can score consistently, that is why his minutes and stats are on a downward slant. But there is no need to worry, remember he is only 19 years old! During the season he is averaging: 4.7 ppg, and 4.6 rpg. Right now he is looking like Greg Ostertag, which isnt a good thing.

Nba Comparison: Andris Biedrins, both tall, long unathletic bigmen, and at one point in Andris' career he was avergin 11 ppg and 10 rpg, and thats exactly what i think Enes will be.

3 Things To Improve On:

-Dont bring the ball down past your waist in the post, just be like Andrew Bynum, keep it up since you're bigger than everyone.

-Be QUICK in the post, too many times ive seen the ball get poked out or him getting called for a 3 second call, just go up with out hesitating.

-Actually shoot the mid range jumper like we all saw during the draft process, you came out and we all thought he was going to be a poor mans Memo.

I know I said that they are all going to be great and it sounds dumb, but i really think that they are all going to be this great, almost like an OKC. I know they dont have the elite quality of talent that the thunder have but we have more quantity of solid talent, and I think overall we will end up being a top 4 seed in the west for many years to come. As for the future, the jazz this year are in an odd position.They could have 2 lotter picks, 1 lottery pick, or none, all of this is due to weird pick protection from past trades. I think if we have 2, we need to go for depth at the SF and the PG of the future. I think for SF, Perry Jones III would give the jazz even more length and athleticism which they already have too much of. And for PG I think either or scoring PG like Damien Lillard or a Distributing PG like Kendall Marshall would all be great options, This years PG class isnt strong but it is deep with ok talent. And even if we have 1, the more important thing to get is the PG, you could go from anyone to Lillard, Marshall, Kabongo, Teague, or Machado, they would all would be good picks.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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