Western Conference Round-up: While you were sleeping April 13th

Last night 10 of the 15 Western Conference teams played, and . . . some parts of the picture are now a little more clear

Western Conference - While you were sleeping April 13th
Seed Team Game Result W L % GB
1 y Oklahoma City Thunder vs. SAC W 43 16 72.9% --
2 x San Antonio Spurs 41 16 71.9% 1
3 x Los Angeles Lakers vs. DEN W 38 22 63.3% 5.5
4 Los Angeles Clippers 36 23 61.0% 7
5 Memphis Grizzlies 34 24 58.6% 8.5
6 Dallas Mavericks @ POR W 34 26 56.7% 9.5
7 Houston Rockets vs. PHX L 32 27 54.2% 11
8 Denver Nuggets @ LAL L 32 27 54.2% 11
9 Phoenix Suns @ HOU W 31 28 52.5% 12
10 Utah Jazz @ NOR L 31 29 51.7% 12.5
11 Portland Trail Blazers vs. DAL L 28 32 46.7% 15.5
12 Minnesota Timberwolves 25 35 41.7% 18.5
13 Golden State Warriors 22 36 37.9% 20.5
14 Sacramento Kings @ OKC L 19 41 31.7% 24.5
15 New Orleans Hornets vs. UTA W 17 42 28.8% 26
z clinched conference
y clinched division
x clinched playoffs

First of all, the Utah Jazz losing to the New Orleans Hornets is really tough. It may be hard to overcome, actually. But you still gotta play the games.

After the Jump -- hopefully funny pictures, and tonight's big games . . .

The Good:


  • LAL beats DEN: Denver needs to keep dropping and the Lakers are currently too far up in the standings for us to care about. Yet they aren't at the top -- so at this rate we'll only have to worry about the Lakers and their playoff calls if we make it up to the #6 seed, and right now we're the #10 seed.

The neutral:


  • OKC beat up on SAC: poor sactown . . .

The less than good:


  • DAL beats POR: Portland is 3 games behind us and likely to lose our two remaining matchups. They are not a threat for us. They are also not close enough to make tanking make a difference. (via a via the Golden State Pick) Dallas is theoretically in striking range and we have a game against them still.



  • PHX beats HOU: we have the season series against HOU, but have a lot of trouble against PHX. It's hard to leapfrog the Suns, and we're finding out why -- it's because they keep winning. Making up a win to them is going to be hard, as they already have the season series against us.

Worse than horrible:


  • NOR beats UTA: . . . .



Tonight's big games:

  • GSW @ LAC: Tanky tank tank
  • UTA @ MEM: Grizz are #5 in the West right now. This is a huge game . . .
  • PHX @ SAS: Hopefully the Spurs can knock the Suns down a peg here
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