Free Contest: Jazz Vs. Hornets - Guess the Game Score Results!

Guess the Game score #14: Utah Jazz 85 -- New Orleans Hornets 96

I'm glad that a lot of you guys are entering in the contest. There were quite a few of you this week. That is awesome! I think that I should also have a random draw from all the people who entered any of the Guess the game score contests just because I like giving out prizes.

Anyway, there were PLENTY of winners this week. There are more winners NOW than before because of two reasons a) more people are entering and b) I have opened up the qualifications for winning from no longer just being the "Top 5", but the "Top 5 differences" from the score. This is a retroactive change as well, so don't fret -- you may not have been announced a winner for one of the earlier contests, but you may already be a winner now! I will clarify this in a future post.

Anyway, this week's winners!

Axis Diff
Jazz Hornets Name x y
85 96 ACTUAL GAME 0 0 0
First place (tie)
95 91 zdid 10 -5 15
97 93 BC @bjcseven 12 -3 15
Second Place
98 93 tjm538 13 -3 16
Third Place (tie)
101 95 Superheroboy 16 -1 17
102 96 chadillac @increase_always 17 0 17
94 88 Jefferson Mac @Mac_Jazz 9 -8 17
93 87 Shan @Shan_801 8 -9 17
96 102 Eric Bresee @da_breezman 11 6 17
Fourth Place (tie)
102 95 Cody @New_OrleansJazz 17 -1 18
98 91 Rich McHenry @SLCRich 13 -5 18
91 84 Joseph Stuart @jstu87 6 -12 18
98 91 Steve @PastaChampion 13 -5 18
Fifth Place (tie)
103 97 WildcatUte 18 1 19
97 89 Jack Partridge @jackiePjazz 12 -7 19
101 99 Peter Novak @Peter_J_Novak 16 3 19
102 94 Doug Nelson @doogiesurf 17 -2 19
94 86 Joseph D. Borg @smorgasborg11 9 -10 19
101 93 Debra @fingersone 16 -3 19

Awesome job guys!

There are two more chances to play this year (unless we get into the playoffs, then we get more Guess the Game Score games!)

  1. Saturday, April 21st: HOME vs. Orlando Magic
  2. Thursday, April 26th: HOME vs. Portland Trail Blazers

See you all on next Saturday!

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