Matt Moore explains the #8 spot in the Western Conference in plain English

Apr 13, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard Goran Dragic (3) drives to the basket against the Phoenix Suns in the third quarter at the Toyota Center. The Suns defeated the Rockets 112-105. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

You know Matt Moore from everywhere. And you know he's more than just a great guy, but also someone who knows basketball. He's ALSO more than that! He's also a helpful individual if you get past the first instinct to yell at him for hating your team. (Clearly he's an Evil man who hates everything you love, a Kobe, LeBron, New York, Small Market, East coast, West coast, veteran, rookie, Euro, NCAA hater). Late last night he explained how things can shake down for the #8 spot in the Western conference.

Here it is from ONE OF HIS BLOGS:

West No.8 seed: OK. Settle in, kids. Here's how this works after the Suns lost to the Nuggets, the Rockets beat the Warriors, and the Jazz beat the Magic.

The Suns have a tiebreaker over both the Jazz and Rockets. Which means the Suns can tie both teams and win the 8th. The other two must get a game over Phoenix to take it. The Jazz have the tiebreaker over Houston. Which means Houston has to finish a game over both the Jazz and Suns to take it.

Games remaining:

Jazz: Tuesday vs. Suns, Thursday vs. Blazers
Suns: Tuesday @ Jazz, Thursday vs. Spurs
Rockets: Sunday @ Heat, Thursday vs. Hornets

For the Suns to win the 8th: Win Tuesday vs. Jazz, AND (a win Thursday vs. San Antonio or a loss by Utah vs. Blazers and a loss by Houston Sunday vs. Heat or Thursday vs. Hornets). Make sense? Basically, if the Suns go 2-0, they're in. If they beat Utah and lose to San Antonio, the Jazz must lose to Portland and the Rocket have to go 1-1 for the Suns to get in.

For the Jazz to win the 8th: The Jazz must win Tuesday vs. the Suns, OR win vs the Blazers and Phoenix must lose vs. San Antonio. If the Jazz go 1-1 and the Suns go 1-1, Utah's in.

For the Rockets to win the 8th: The Rockets must win their next two games regardless. Suns must beat the Jazz Tuesday, then lose to San Antonio Thursday AND the Jazz must lose to the Blazers Thursday. So the Rockets have to go 2-0, the Jazz 0-2, and the Suns 1-1.


Check out all of his great work all over the internet. I'm convinced every 18th article on the internet is written by him.

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