We are Utah Jazz

A few weeks ago my family and I attended the Jazz vs Warriors at Energy Solutions Arena. This was the first game my 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter had ever been to. We got to the arena extra early, 5-o-clock. First we went into the fanzz store that has an outside entrance, we wanted to get the kids something for the fun of it. We bought foam bear claws. They are like foam fingers only they look like bear paws with claws. These things are incredibly cool. We also got stretchy Jazz bracelets.

We had ten minues or so before the arena actually opened so we walked over to the statues. My wife took a picture of the kids and I next to the staues. We sat and looked at them. My son asked "Who are these guys?" I gave it a moment as a quiet reverence gathered about us and I told him "That one with the 32 on his jersey is Karl Malone the greatest power forward in the game ever. The other one is John Stockton the greates point guard ever. He holds the record for most steals and the most assists." He looked back at me and said "Wow dad we are so lucky they played here." I whole heartedly agreed.

When the doors opened we went to the court. The kids got autographs from Al Jefferson, Devin Harris, and Jeff Hornecek. I looked at Al and told him I hope he is here awhile he looked right at me and said "Me too." I told my kids Horny was the third best player on the team with the guys that had statues and they thought that was great. The players and ushers were so friendly and courteous. Al asked befroe heading into the locker room is there anybody else that wanted an autograph.

After that we ate, the kids had pizza, te wife pasta and I had a smothered burrito from the place with the guy that sounds like a pirate. The food is fair priced for an event and I thought it tasted good as well.

We took our seats. The player introductions got the kids excited. Big Al scored the first basket. My daughter looked at me then her claw that he signed and exclaimed "I like Big AL. Yep, I am a fan!" Both of my kids cheared for him all night. They also cheered for OG after I properly educated them. My daughter is into cheer and dance she tohought the dancers were so amazing and talented. She even enjoyed the youth group that danced at some point in the game.

In the second half I sat by my son. He observed that Big Al had the most points on our team and that he made most of his shots. He now thinks AL should take all the shots, I'll have to teach him. AS the game went on he got a little tired and restless. Then I pointed out one of the opponents Nate Robinson. I told him what his name was, my son got excited as his name is Nathan and lots of people call him Nate. The rest of the game was fun to watch. My daughter got a ball that was thrown onto the stands. The best part was the win. The kids stood up and cheered and clapped.

The point of this long post is not to ramble but to say thanks. Thanks to a great orginization the Utah Jazz. Thanks to the Miller family for keeping the Jazz in Utah. And thaks to the players, ushers, vendors, and others involved with making this game memorable and a great experience. I hope that the Jazz are around along time. And now that he is my childrens favorite player I hope Big Al is here for the long haul.

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