Jazz Playoff Rap 2012

Check out this sweet rap about the jazz!!! Featuring 2012 highlights and awesome new song "Utah Pride" :

Check out official webpage for download info:


Kick it on back please, hit it on State Street
See my boy drain these, trippin on main street
Nothing held back, like a terminal disease
Got G's, got wheels
Got a right old fashion team
With no dreadlocks
Just the shot blocks
Toss it for an "Early Oop" and make it by the shot clock
That's the way we play
Graduate, school of the hard knocks
Jeremy Evans' number one with those hot hops

C.J. drive it up the court and d-r-ain
A floater off the board, and we be okay
'Cause Favors off the board is like young Wilt Chamb
Now 100 points scored, in the game
Oh my gosh watch Millsap rain
Got the range of a guard down in 3 point land
Has he got the hot hand? Is he even human?
Now the streamers come down let's hear it Jazz fans

We gonna win tonight, show the world we got that Utah Pride
We going hard tonight, no one messes with that Utah Pride

Little Earl Watson
Dribble off his socks and
Swing it out to Tinsley 'cause
Jamaal is where the shots is
Sweet street moves
And he's almost 35
But he acts like a young
Superstar on the rise

Big Al, fake out, the defender can't tell
When he shoots, 'cause he moves, yeah he moves so well
Post up, hit Bell, number 19 real
He's the killer of Kobe and the sealer of the deal
Hayward makes a break to the rim
The boys too big and that's coming from him
He raps like slim, but he's better than him
'Cause he's 6'8'' and rains 3's like Jim Fredette
I bet, in 10 years yet, you gonna see him in his private jet
Right now he drives a Honda but it's hard to fit
So much talent in a car that was made for Mitt

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