Closer look at the Jazz offense: Cuts

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 07: Paul Millsap #24 of the Utah Jazz shoots over David Lee #10 of the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena on January 7, 2012 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

According to the data at the Jazz are the #10th best team in the league on offensive cuts, yet they only finish a play via a cut 10.1% of the time. The heart of the flex offense relies upon smart, unselfish plays like moving without the ball -- and getting the ball when you do make a cut. The Jazz live in the paint, so let's look at how they do with cuts:

Bigs # of plays % of plays PPP Rank FG%
Al Jefferson 130 13.0% 1.18 86 58.8%
Paul Millsap 121 13.3% 1.43 10 70.7%
Derrick Favors 100 18.9% 1.11 120 54.4%
Enes Kanter 51 17.1% 1.18 86 55.3%
Jeremy Evans 13 32.5% 1.62 NA 83.3%
Raja Bell 8 3.9% 1.75 NA 85.7%
Josh Howard 38 8.5% 1.26 52 62.5%
C.J. Miles 32 5.6% 1.00 155 51.9%
Gordon Hayward 52 8.1% 1.12 114 53.7%
Alec Burks 31 8.3% 1.06 139 40.9%
DeMarre Carroll 1 2.7% 2.00 NA 100.0%
Point Guards
Devin Harris 14 2.4% 0.93 NA 50.0%
Earl Watson 15 5.8% 1.40 NA 64.3%
Jamaal Tinsley 1 0.8% 0.00 NA 0.0%

Paul Millsap is the king of cuts.

Out of all of our non-Jeremy Evans style bigs, he's the best at moving without the ball, and he is #10 in the NBA League Rank at finishing these plays. Kanter and Big Al are both Top 100 too, so that's always good. Favors isn't a slouch here either. Our PGs rarely cut, and our wings should cut more. Josh Howard is #52 in he NBA at possessions that end with him cutting. That's quite good. I would expect Miles, Hayward, and Burks to do better though. Burks particularly . . . he only shot 40.9 fg% -- and should get to the line more.

On again, the Bigs take the lions share of these types of shots, it's no secret that we're an inside/out team. Sap is the best guy on our team at scoring on the one play that our team scores on the best. That means something.

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