Too Early for Draft Talk?

So I know we are in the middle of fighting for the playoffs, but I can't help but look forward to this draft with the potential of us having two lottery picks. I think it's safe to say that the two things our team needs right now is a point guard and help on the wing. I wanted to focus on a few guys that I really like and who we have a decent shot at getting with a pick from 8-15.

Point Guard

My first choice here would be Kendall Marshall. The more I watch of this guy the more I think he is going to be an amazing point guard in the NBA. He is the definitive pass first floor general which is exactly what our team needs. His upside is that he has elite level court vision, and can squeeze in a pass wherever he wants it to go. At 6'4" he also has good size for a point guard. His downside is that he isn't much of a scorer, and he isn't super athletic. He has excellent shooting mechanics, so I feel confident Horny could turn him into a realiable outside shooter with a little work. Considering the athleticsim of the point guards in the NBA these days, he could struggle defensively. His saving grace here is that his length will help offset that problem a little. If you look down the list of the best point guards to play the game you will find that the majority of them are guys who aren't super athletic but are amazing passers. Sounds like he fits the mold here. Highlight can be found here:

Coming is a close second is Damien Lillard. Lillard is much more of a scoring point guard that happens to be able to pass. The best way to describe him is a Russell Westbrook without the freakish athleticism. He has excellent range, can drive the lane, and can also hit the pull up jumper. Overall his offensive game is well rounded. The downside is that he is only a good passer, not a great one. He is far more focused on his own offensive game than passing the ball. If we ended up with Lillard I would be happy because I think he'll be successfull where ever he playes, I just feel like our system needs a passer and not a scorer. Highlights here:

The best way to sum this comaprision up is that all the highlight videos of Lillard are him scoring, and all the videos of Marshall are him passing. Take your pick.

Wing Player

This was a close one, but I think my number one choice is Jeremy Lamb. He is only 6'5" but has a freakish wing span of 7'1" (Favors is 7'4" for comparison) His strengths are his shooting and his defense thanks to his length. Overall Lamb is a well rounded player who has all the skills you want in a wing player. He can shoot, dribble, and pass. His weakness is his size. He will really need to bulk up to play in this league. I feel he would be an excellent fit for our system and seems to really understand the game. Highlights:

Coming in a close second is Perry Jones. Scouts were really high on him last year, but have since fallen off since he didn't show much improvement this year after staying in school. His upside is that he's a 6'11" small forward! Despite his size, he plays just like you would expect a small forward. He's a shooter that has range out to the 3 pt line. He has an excellent turn around jump shot which is his go to move when he posts guys up. Considering the size differences, that's a shot that should never get blocked. He is also an excellent rebounder for his position. I really see him as the next Rashard Lewis. His downside is that he is a perimiter player, even though he is so tall. We couldn't expect him to play in the paint much. The other knock on him is that he tends to dissapear in games. Overall I think this guy has tremendous upside if he had the right coaching. I can see him as being a Lamar Odom type, but I can also see him as being the next Anthony Randolph. Either way, there are going to be plenty of teams that want to give him a shot. Highlights here:

So, there ya have it. My ideal draft would include getting one of these guards, and one of these wings.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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