While You Were Sleeping - April 7th

No Devin, that's the Spurs. Raise all of your fingers. There, that's the Jazz.

The Prodigal Punk returns.

I take one day in which to cram three family birthdays, and look what happens. The whole conference has gone crazy. Dallas is looking like the Jazz, going 4-6 in their last 10. The Lakers lose to the Rockets, in L.A., then go to Phoenix and get the snot beat out of them. Its the Western Conference Playoff Race!

Still, the Jazz are only a game and a half out of 6th place. Famous last words.

The standings, some pictures, and WYWS, after the Jump.

The Standings:

Western Conference - While You Were Sleeping
Seed Team Game Result W L % GB
1 San Antonio Spurs 39 14 73.6% --
2 Oklahoma City Thunder 40 15 72.7% --
3 Los Angeles Lakers @PHX L 35 20 63.6% 6
4 Los Angeles Clippers SAC W 33 22 60.0% 6.5
5 Memphis Grizzlies DAL W 30 23 56.6% 8
6 Houston Rockets 30 25 54.5% 10
7 Dallas Mavericks @MEM L 31 26 54.4% 10
8 Denver Nuggets @GSW L 30 26 53.6% 10.5
9 Phoenix Suns LAL W 29 27 51.8% 11.5
10 Utah Jazz 29 27 51.8% 11.5
11 Portland Trail Blazers @MIL L 26 30 46.4% 14
12 Minnesota Timberwolves @NOH L 25 32 43.9% 16
13 Golden State Warriors DEN W 22 33 40.0% 18
14 Sacramento Kings @LAC L 19 37 33.9% 21.5
15 New Orleans Hornets MIN W 15 41 26.8% 25.5

While you were sleeping:


The Good:

  • Mavericks 89 - Grizzlies 94: I'm calling this good. Maybe the Mavs continue their slide?
  • Kings 94 - Clippers 109: This keeps more cushion between the Kings and Warriors in Lotto Race '12
  • Nuggets 97 - Warriors 112: Wow. This is double great for the Jazz.


    The "Momma, There Goes That Bad":

    • Lakers 105 - Suns 125: The universe is always finding ways for the Lakers to screw the Jazz. This makes twice, in as many nights.

    Tonight's Important Games:

    • Jazz @ Spurs: Early tip so the Spurs can get to bed in time for Matlock. Right after they run over the Jazz with their Rascals.
    • Rockets @ Kings: Not holding my breath here, but you never know with the Kings.
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