Jazz Vs. Spurs Post Game Thread: Maybe we can doo eet . . . tomorrow?

Apr 8, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) posts up against Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson (25) during the first half at the AT&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-US PRESSWIRE

Game 57: Utah Jazz 104 @ San Antonio Spurs 114

I hope you liked watching the home team take a lot of free throws!

Blech. Where to start? The Spurs shot over 50 fg%, we shot barely 44 fg%. The Spurs shot 43 free throws, and missed only 5. We shot 26 and missed 10. Daniel Green had half as many blocks as our entire team. Tony Parker was too quick. Manu Ginobili was off of his shot, but still went to the line 15 times (that's a month for Al Jefferson). And well, Tim Duncan was still the old master with yet another double double, 3 block, and the win, night against the Jazz. I guess the good news is that Matt Bonner only hit one three against us? I guess that's progress.

The Spurs jumped on the Jazz early, and while the Jazz fought back -- there was just no winning this game.The Jazz shot the ball 93 times, and scored 104 points. That's a 1.12 points per shot ratio that even makes Big Al Jefferson shake his head, it's bad when even he thinks it's not efficient enough. For the record, tonight Al had 19 points off of 23 shots. So yeah. He also didn't box out (bawks aut, if he needs a translator).

Oh, and C.J. Miles got hurt. Earl Watson also got hurt. Paul Millsap is sick. Our team is falling apart down the stretch, and the playoffs are half a game farther than they were yesterday.

And we play the Spurs again, tomorrow.

The good news is that Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and new franchise corner stone DeMarre Carroll all had solid games. Favors had a double double. Gordo shot nearly 50% and did a little of everything. DeMarre busted out 3/4 shooting from deep and was a +15 in +/-. Wow!

Okay, so tonight was a loss. But maybe we can doo eet tomorrow?

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