Free Agency this next year?

It might be a little early for this, but it's always a fun thing to think about.

Out of all the players on the Jazz roster, the players whose contracts end this year (According to are:

-Demarre Carroll

-Josh Howard

-Jeremy Evans

-CJ Miles

-Blake Ahearn (though his is only a 10-day contract)

That's 5 guys out of a 15-man roster, so we would have to acquire 2 guys for next year, through drafting, trading, re-signing, or free agency (as the FO silently chuckles to themselves about that last one).

If we miss the playoffs, that's +one guy on our roster, and all of the sudden we have an 11 man roster. And for now, let's just assume that GS' pick is theirs (my heart just threw up a little).

Assuming we only trade players 1=1 (ie, trading millsap + devin harris for high draft pick + player) so trades don't affect how many spots are on left the roster, who would we re-sign out of those five players in free agency?

We wouldn't be in need of a pg, because we have 3 signed until the end of next season (and it's possible we draft one as well). To me, the three guys I see that would most likely come back are CJ, Jeremy, and Demarre. Howard doesn't seem likely to stay, though there is a chance, if another team doesn't want him. I don't particularly like how he plays though, he would be better if he was AK, simple as that. (I still don't understand why we didn't resign AK, the only reason I can come up with is that AK wanted too much money? Or that Howard is just plain cheaper for what the FO thought was about the same type of player as far as length goes? Either way, oh well.)

I don't know whether we bring CJ back on a cheap contract or if we get out-bid Wesley Matthews style. In my opinion, as much as I like CJ, I just don't like his style of play on the Jazz. He would definitely be better on a team that runs more ISO's, and/or ran the court more. It just seems as though CJ is the "key" to the Jazz right now, or at least his style of play forces him into that "key" role. It's almost as if he comes off the bench and either wins the game for us: driving, slashing, etc; or he comes out and loses the game for us: jacking up long 2's and taking 7-8 shots from beyond the arc instead of running the offense. If he makes those shots, then we would win a lot more games, but when he misses them, it sets us back a few steps. He just doesn't let the offense come to him. I don't like giving up on him, he's a great guy, but he just doesn't feel like a good fit.

Jeremy I can see coming back because we have to have SOMEBODY to withhold minutes from right? Plus Utah has a holiday for him every 4 years, it would probably be pretty awkward to have a holiday named after somebody that is from a different team.

I like what DeMarre brings to the team, and if we don't draft anybody better, I can definitely see him coming back. Maybe even a little bit more likely than CJ. He has shown flashes of potential, and could be a great energy guy for the next few years if we brought him back. I honestly haven't seen him play much, but from what I have seen, he is a great "spark plug" player, and could become the guy we go to off the bench (like CJ, except less potential, but a better fit, let's try and not ruin him the way we might've done with CJ in some people's perspectives). The only problem I have with DeMarre, is that he sometimes shoots those Josh Howard shots, from the long 2. I have no problem with it if he is completely open, but when he dribbles a few times, gets an inch of space, then fires up a long 2 with 15 seconds left on the shot clock, it makes me shake my head, even if it does go in. If he can get real consistent with that shot, I guess I'd be fine with him taking it though.

I don't know what Blake does, except that he is a "sharpshooter", which sounds nice. Also he is on a 10-day contract for now, so he may not even be here by the end of the season. If he can show up to be a real sharpshooter, then I don't see why we shouldn't resign him to at least occupy that 13th spot on the roster. He has to prove himself before we resign him, though. So I don't see us resigning him unless he shows up really well in training camp (if he is even considered when the FO is making the invitations).

So in my opinion, the people I see coming back next year are:

Jeremy Evans

CJ Miles

DeMarre Carroll

I'm pretty sure the FO likes CJ Miles, so I think we probably would give him at least 'one more chance' again. This fills us up to a 14 man roster including the draft pick we hopefully get. I doubt we pick up anybody in free agency this offseason, we don't often anyway except to fill small holes when we don't want to or can't resign players. But all in all, we still have a pretty deep team. We would have a lot of options later in the season if someone were to get injured. They would also know the Jazz system, which is better than picking up players mid-season from the D-league. The players taking up the 13th and 14th spot on the roster (the ones not playing minutes) would most likely be Jeremy and DeMarre, though swapping Bell and DeMarre's spots wouldn't be out of the question if Bell plays like he did before his wife had a baby.

What do you guys think? Who should come back? Who should we let go? Answer in the comments section below.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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