Idea for finding Favors some minutes? (Possibly risky though, tell me what you think)

Two words. Greg Oden.

We trade Big Al for Iguodala (apparently the 76ers are open to trading him, because they want more playing time for that young talent they have, and also have a need for a big man that can score, we could use iggy because he is sometimes a threat at the 3 point shot, is great in transition, which would work great with Hayward's game, and is a great defender, which we could use at the SF/SG). We only do this trade though if we sign Greg Oden beforehand. The thing about Greg is, with his injury history, I don't think he'd demand much playing time. Then our lineup would be (without accounting for any other moves that might be made):

PG - Devin/Watson/Tinsley/(Ahearn?)

SG - Hayward/Borkes/(Bell/Miles?)

SF - Iguodala/Carroll/Hayward

PF - Millsap/Favors/(Evans?)/Kanter

C - Favors/Oden/Kanter

So basically the rotation would be starters as stated above, then when Ty deems it appropriate, millsap comes out first for Oden to come in and push Favors to his natural 4 spot. This will create more of a kick off of the bench, because Millsap would then come in with the "second unit", and he also gets to start at the 4 like he wants to.

(Just FYI, I only see Oden playing for 18-23 minutes a game, unless we are bent on getting him a career-ending injury)

The only thing about this idea is it struck me that this would be fairly similar to what happened in boston with Perkins. They traded away Perkins to sign shaquille o'neil. It was a heckuva move, had it panned out right. Had o'neil stayed healthy, im sure they would've gone farther in the playoffs. If Oden gets injured like Shaq did, and gets another season-ending injury, then that kills the whole plan. But, this would give Corbin a reason to play Kanter major minutes, and it might give KOC a reason to get Fesenko back! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Also, personally, I think we should keep Blake Ahearn, and develop him into our 2nd seed PG. We desperately need some 3 point threats. In my eyes, Ahearn is the equivalent of Jimmer, just a few years into the future, at the point where he can hit shots. Hopefully Precious and Alex work on their shots over the summer, and who knows, maybe Carroll could develop his shot as well.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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