Team USA Challenge

The current looking is superstar driven, as you would expect, but is currently ailing. The current roster sports:

LaMarcus Aldridge - F/C - Portland Trail Blazers
Carmelo Anthony - F - New York Knicks
Chauncey Billups - G - Los Angeles Clippers
Chris Bosh - F - Miami Heat
Kobe Bryant - G - Los Angeles Lakers
Tyson Chandler - C - New York Knicks
Anthony Davis - F - University of Kentucky
Kevin Durant - G - Oklahoma City Thunder
Rudy Gay - F - Memphis Grizzlies
Eric Gordon - G - New Orleans Hornets
Blake Griffin - F - Lost Angeles Clippers
James Harden - G - Oklahoma City Thunder
Dwight Howard - F/C - Orlando Magic
Andre Iguodala - G/F - Philadelphia 76ers
LeBron James - F - Miami Heat
Kevin Love - F - Minnesota Timberwolves
Lamar Odom - F - Dallas Mavericks
Chris Paul - G - Los Angeles Clippers
Derrick Rose - G - Chicago Bulls
Dwayne Wade - G - Miami Heat
Russell Westbrook - G - Oklahoma City Thunder
Deron Williams - G - New Jersey Nets

Everybody on that team is battle tested in the NBA, excluding Anthony Davis. Though there seems to be one big problem that has emerged. And that there is a few players that have taken on the injury bug as of late and flamed out against the unstoppable monster. More on that later.

A group of just 11 of these men could destroy competition, but to have 22 is a huge blessing going into the 2012 Olympic Tournament. They will only take 12 players to the tournament, so 10 of these men are going to be sitting home watching. 8 games stand between them and the Gold Medal.

So now it is your turn. Assemble the 12 "best" players to take to the 2012 Olympic. I use the term "best" depending on offensive sets, defensive play, etc. The rules though are:

1) Injured players are ineligible. This includes:
-LaMarcus Aldridge
-Chauncey Billups
-Dwight Howard
-Derrick Rose
-Chris Bosh

2) Take into consideration players left in playoffs
-Would you really want to take Wade, James, Durant, Westbrook and Harden when they just got done beating down each other or would you rather have a more rested team.

3) USA players only.
-Sorry no Kanter. No Manu. No Dirk.

4) Take into consideration the teams/players you will face and potentially will face. Do you bring a less than average guard that can score since you will face up against Tony Parker? This includes:
- Argentina (Luis Scola, Carlos Delfino, Manu Ginobili, )
- France (Joakim Noah, Boris Diaw, Nicolas Batum, Tony Parker)
- Tunisia (No Current NBA Players)
- Australia (Patrick Mills, Matthew Dellavedova)
- Brazil (Anderson Varejao, Leandro Barbosa, Nene, Tiago Splitter)
- China (Yi Jianlian)
- Great Britian (Andrew Lawrence, Luol Deng)
- Spain (Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol, Serge Ibaka, Rudy Fernandez, Jose Calderon)

5) The final but I feel is the spoiler rule. Out of your team of 12, no more than 8 can come from the current Team USA team. 4 of the players have to be from the NCAA or entering the NBA from the NCAA.

There you go. Post your Team USA following the rules. Also, to add some intrigue to it, assume that this isn't the last year for Coach K but last year was. So assemble who your head coach is and two assistants that are current or former head coaches. Also, if you so desire, tell what your offensive mind set would be and your defensive mind set.

Have fun! I'll post mine in the next few days.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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