I mentioned this in the comment section of Andy's trade article and I'm dead serious.

I realize this a long shot, but seriously, you never know.

Reasons Deron shouldn't go to....

Dallas- Old, checked out. Yes, Marky Cubes will sell his soul for Deron and will likely sell him on what "he will bring into Dallas with him." Is it enough? Deron is ready to win and soon.

Lakers- Bynum is clearly a head case, Kobe has one or two solid years left in him and his knees. The whole team is in flux with little cap space and potential trades involving Gasol, Bynum and Sessions. Could potentially win in the next year or two, but then what?


Toronto- Not enough upside. Not the worst team and they're young, but probably too young and inexperienced.

Brooklyn- They could bring Dwight in this summer and that would help, but then what? They would likely lose Marshon, Lopez & even more draft picks... They will have little cap space with Gerald Wallace, Deron and Dwight signed long term. I have trouble believing that those three will challenge Miami or Chicago.

With that said...


Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, Millsap or AL, Burks, Harris (backup) and recent playoff experience. Toronto & Portland are young, but have a lack of experience and question marks all around. The Jazz question mark... Point Guard. Boomshakalaka!

Remember when Michael Wilbon said Nash should go to Utah and that they'd be a 50+ win team if he did... Well, with Deron, you could expect the same and some. Deron would put this team surely into the top 4 in the west and with their youth and athleticism, they could and would challenge OKC. The two top teams in the west would be Utah and OKC. Western Conference Finals, NBA Finals and possible championships would be ahead for Utah. It might take a year or two, but imagine how good they'd be when Favors, Kanter and Burks reached the elderly ages of 23 & 24 years old.

I know Deron wasn't traded under the most amazing circumstances and it probably wasn't handled with the most professionalism by the front office, but winning cures all. KOC could surely sell this plan and he should throw anything and everything at Deron to get him back in a Jazz uniform.

In 20 years, we would see a #8 and #15 jersey in the rafters... Probably sitting next to one, if not more NBA Championship banners.

Seriously though, imagine the pick and roll from Deron to Favors. Utah would be a top defensive team in the league as well. Though it's not the most realistic place, I truly believe it's the best option if Deron could get passed what happened a year and a half ago.

If KOC pulled this off, I would drive from Denver to SLC that day to find him, hug him, probably kiss him and tell him he is the greatest old man that walks the earth today.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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