Jazz Roster: One day before free agency begins -- this is what we're working with.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - MAY 5: Fans walk into EnergySolutions Arena for Game Three of the Western Conference Quarterfinals in the 2012 NBA Playsoffs on May 05, 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

We've had a busy 48 hours. Hopefully things slow down soon. Just a short recap though: we drafted a dude, traded for a dude, extended team options on two other dudes, *and sent the qualifying offer to a fifth dude* (Sorry, forgot this one). We're at 14 people right now.

Position(s) Salary
Player Ht Wt Age Ex PG SG SF PF C 2012-13
1 Devin Harris 6'3 192 .. 29 8 .. x .. $8,500,000
2 Mo Williams 6'2 195 .. 29 9 .. x x .. $8,500,000
3 Earl Watson 6'1 199 .. 33 11 .. x .. $2,000,000
4 Jamaal Tinsley 6'3 197 .. 34 9 .. x .. $1,352,181 TO
5 Raja Bell 6'5 210 .. 35 12 .. x .. $3,480,000
6 Gordon Hayward 6'8 210 .. 22 2 .. x x .. $2,709,720
7 Alec Burks 6'6 202 .. 20 1 .. x x .. $2,111,160
8 DeMarre Carroll 6'8 212 .. 25 3 .. x .. $885,120 TO
9 Kevin Murphy 6'6 195 .. 22 R .. x x .. $500,000 DP
10 Al Jefferson 6'10 289 .. 27 8 .. x x .. $15,000,000
11 Paul Millsap 6'8 253 .. 27 6 .. x x .. $8,603,633
12 Derrick Favors 6'10 248 .. 20 2 .. x x .. $4,753,320
13 Enes Kanter 6'11 267 .. 20 1 .. x x .. $4,319,280
14 Jeremy Evans 6'9 194 .. 24 2 .. x x .. $1,054,389 QO
TO = Team Option (which was picked up by the Jazz)
DP = Draft pick, and this is an estimated contract based upon salary of 2011 #47
QO = Qualifying Offer to retain rights by the Jazz to match any offer for Evans

One would assume that there are a few moves to be made still. Specifically -- Harris/Williams dynamic needs to be fixed. There are rumbles out of Harris' camp that, hey, maybe he doesn't want competition on this team. Additionally, we have to do something about Bell, as in the exit interviews he seemed to have 'communicated' a similar point of view. Of course, the Utah Jazz do not make it policy to air out dirty laundry (we're not the tell all book writing Lakers, after all). But there appear to be more moves that will happen. Especially when you add up all those numbers and you get a value of $63, 768, 803. Which is more than we'd want to spend. I still don't get the deal with Williams' contract (the exception for a trade doesn't invalidate his cap effect, just his "contract+1.25x value" for trade equity, right?). And Evans may end up signing a more expensive tender. And I don't understand how much money Murphy can ask for. Of course, we'll keep you posted here at SLC Dunk.

Shut up.

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