Iggy for Big Al anyone?

It's probably just because I've always liked Andre Iguodala's game but for some reason I believe that sending Al Jefferson to Philly for Iguodala would be a great trade for both teams. It seems like Iguodala is constantly on the trading block so I believe that Philly would be open to this trade and we're looking(at least I hope we are) to get some more time for our younger bigs.

Head after the Jump to see why I think that overall this would be a good move for the Utah Jazz

The first reason is very simply that we need to give more time to our younger players so that they can continue their development. I think everyone agrees that Favors is a big part of our future going forward but where we are split is deciding who needs to be sacrificed in order to accomplish this. I'll go ahead and say that Jefferson is the one that needs to go. This is not a knock against him at all. I love Big Al. He's been a dedicated, hard-working, successful player for the Jazz during his entire tenure. He's even improved his passing game and his overall versatility. I still believe that a Favors/Jefferson pairing clogs up the middle too much. A Millsap/Favors combo opens up the offense much more with Millsap able to hit from mid-range and Favors cleaning up around the rim. With Iguodala locking down the wings Utah would be very formidable both defensively and offensively which leads me to my next point:

The Utah Jazz must get better defensively. I can remember all of the highlight-reel blocks last year but that didn't necessarily translate into a complete defensive effort. Adding Iguodala on the wings and additionally Favors to the starting lineup makes us a much more imposing team. Iguodala can help to slow down the more athletic wing players like Durant. Millsap is already known as a great on-ball defender as he's shut down players like Kevin Love and more and with Favors providing help-side defense and blocks this team will improve immediately.

Suspending any future(and expected) trades with our 4 guards, my projected lineup would be:

Williams/Harris, Hayward, Iguodala, Millsap, Favors with Burks stepping into the sixth-man role and Kanter getting put into the rotation with Favors and Millsap.

If Philly's draft is any indication Iguodala will still be on the trading block heading into the season as they drafted both Moultrie and Harkless. It seems to me that this would be a perfect trade for both sides and as we can see from ESPN's "trade machine" it's pretty much an even salary swap.

So what do you think? Is Iguodala a good fit? Can Favors step up and fill Jefferson's shoes? Would Philly or Utah even consider this trade? Am I a little too naive? I'd like to hear all of your thoughts and tweaks in the comments. I'm interested to see what you think about this trade or possibly others.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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