Why Igoudala could work

This has been a fun topic to talk about for the pure fact that it has been talked about for a long time. But now that we have Marvin Williams everyone is saying how would this work? Well that is a little complicated but also simple if it is laid all out. I am going to start out by saying though I do not think this will happen in the least because the trade I am going to suggest would involve a couple of teams and because of this it is just to hard to get done. Plus the Jazz rarely take risks even though this one could make us a contender this year. So the biggest thing is that people do not see how we can give everyone the minutes that are needed. I am going to throw a trade out there that might not be to popular because I am getting rid of Paul but like I said this lineup could get us a top seed in the West because we will have the ability to play Small or Big.

So this trade is going to involve 4 teams. That is why it is going to be hard for everyone to agree. But I truly think everyone is going to get what they want out of this deal. The 4 teams that are going to be involved in this trade are: Utah, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Toronto. The reason I put Memphis and Toronto in is because to get the maximum minutes for everyone you are going to have to get rid of Paul and Al. Because of this we need someone to take on Paul contract because Philly can not take on both of those contracts. So here is the trade

Philly gets-Al Jefferson, Jose Calderon, 1st round pick from Toronto

Utah gets- Andre Igoudala, Darrel Arthur, Nikola Vucevic, Josh Selby

Memphis gets- Paul Millsap, Evan Turner, Earl Watson, Demarre Carrol, and two 1st round picks and a 2nd round (one 1st from Utah, one from Toronto and then the 2nd from Philly). The 2nd from Philly is basically to Utah for Al but then we give it to Memphis for Selby. They get the two firsts for giving up Rudy Gay to Toronto.

Toronto gets- Rudy Gay

So what does each team give up in this deal.

Philly- Igoudala, Vucevic and Turner, 2nd round pick

Utah- Big Al, Millsap, Watson, Carrol, 1st round pick

Memphis- Darrel Arthur, Josh Selby, Rudy Gay

Toronto- Calderon and two 1st round picks

This trade works out money wise and it also works out for all teams. They are getting fair assets back for the people they are sending away. For those who do not know Darrel Arthur is a very serviceable PF that does a lot of different things and was one of the main reasons they got past SA a couple years ago in the playoffs. He was injured this year and many say he is partly the reason they lost to the Clippers. He is a good cheap alternative big that is not going to command a ton of minutes. So now that we got the team what do we do with the players and their minutes?

The starting lineup in this case would be this: Mo, Hayward, Iggy, Favors, Kanter

Then Corbin bring in the players as the situation shows. Which whatever lineup would work effectively put it in. This is basically how the minute Distribution would work though. This is not a particular order of when they would come in just how many minutes each would get at each position.

PG- Mo Williams 28 mins,Josh Selby 15 mins, Alec Burks 5 mins

SG- Gordon Hayward 25 mins, Alec Burks 20 mins Mo Williams 3 mins

SF- Andre Igoudala 27 mins, Marvin Williams 16 mins, Gordon Hayward 5 mins

PF- Derrick Favors 20 mins, Jeremy Evans 18 mins, Marvin Williams 10 mins,

C- Enes Kanter 25 mins, Derrick Favors 15 mins, N. Vucevic 8 mins

Minute Breakdown:

Mo Williams 31 mins

Josh Selby 15 mins

Alec Burks 25 mins

Gordon Hayward 30 mins

Andre Igoudala 27 mins

Marvin Williams 26 mins

Derrick Favors 35 mins

Enes Kanter 25 mins

Jeremy Evans 18 mins

N. Vucevic 8 mins

You would then have Tinsley, Murphy and Arthur in case someone gets injured. That gives us a reserve guard, a reserve forward, and a reserve big man. The minutes thing is only an issue for Igoudala because he has gotten about 35 minutes a game for his career. So this could be something that could cause an issue. But I see Iggy as a team player and if we were winning and were succesful then that would hopefully be enough. He would get more time to score anyway and not have to guard the best wing player all the time with Marvin and Hayward on the floor.

This group of Players leaves us with a TON of flexibility. Ya we could obviously not play Marvin at the 4 against the Lakers when they have Pau and Bynum out there but what about when they are on the bench? Then you throw in the smaller lineup and abuse their bench. Marvin is big and strong and can guard most 4’s in the league. We could play big or play small and force teams to go small to match us. We would have more flexibility then the Heat though because we could actually go big which they can not do. This gives us a good young roster with some vets sprinkled in for some experience. This would be a team to be a force for years to come because once we started winning people would want to stay. Also the people we are bringing in are low risk, high reward. Selby,Vucevic, Arthur do not make much. But from what I have seen of them they are young and serviceable and will just get better.

I know this is a long shot but I think it would be AMAZING to put this team together and see what it could do. Like I said I think we are the top seed in the West with this roster. What do you all think?

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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