The Official SLC Dunk Fan Consensus 2012-13 Utah Jazz Playing Time Rotation v 1.0

Hey guys, this is outside of the awesome work our writers here do -- and a chance for fans to try to influence and come to terms with our current situation. Well, influence as far as we can here at a blog. What situation? The situation with how to use up our minutes.

Everyone has a say in the SLC Dunk Fan Consensus rotation. State your case - who needs more mins and why, who needs less mins, and why. And we'll try to do one of these every week, and take into account the thoughts and feelings expressed here.

Everyone should also also encourage our regular writers to make their own. I think Andy did a great job justifying his points, and I hope he's working on an update. (The fans on twitter want to see one!) I'm also working on my own as well, just to try to make sense of things.

Anyway, Version 1.0 after the break. What do you like? What do you hate? What can we change?

Version 1.0 - July 25th, 2012:

* Note, this is for any given, single game that does not go to overtime. No Justifications from me, this is just the base line I think we can start with.

Player Total PG SG SF PF C Problems?
1 Mo Williams 32 . 32 . No time at shooting guard, okay?
2 Gordon Hayward 32 . 16 16 . Oreos and Milk. Can't explain that.
3 Marvin Williams 26 . 26 . Apologizes to Paul, DeMarre, and Jeremy
4 Derrick Favors 30 . 23 7 . Minimum.
5 Al Jefferson 33 . 33 . Life would be so much easier without you
6 Paul Millsap 21 . 6 15 . This is really why Al has to go . . . For good of the team
7 Alec Burks 26 . 4 22 . Don't break Ty Corbin's daughter's heart.
8 Enes Kanter 18 . 10 8 . At least this is +5 mpg from last year
9 Randy Foye 22 . 12 10 . Probably murdered by Raja after 4 gms
10 DeMarre Carroll 0 . . Did you know he played 16.4 mpg in 2011-12?
11 Jeremy Evans 0 . . I'm really trying, man.
12 Earl Watson 0 . . Please don't kick up a fuss about playing time
13 Jamaal Tinsley 0 . . Another ring around the tree trunk
14 Kevin Murphy 0 . . Hope your hotel bed in Reno is comfy
15 Raja Bell 0 . . Seriously, forget this dude.
240 48 48 48 48 48

Have your say in the comments section : )

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