Could we get Jabari?

With the point guard log jam solved with the Devin Harris trade, we can now move back to the all too familiar one in the front court. I don’t want to focus on who we should trade but what we should trade for.

Burks will apparently get a shot to man the point during summer league. I am of the belief that he will excel and therefore become the point guard of the future. With that being the case, I am going to go ahead and assume the Jazz are looking for a wing player and more specifically a small forward from a trade involving Jefferson or Millsap.

So by looking at teams that both A) need a big and B) have a decent to good three, I came up with a list of Philadelphia (Iggy), Indiana (Granger), and maybe Denver (Chandler/Galinari).

Now I may have missed some teams, but none of the players listed above give me the feeling that if the Jazz were to add them then suddenly we would become contenders. Would we be better? Yeah we probably would, but not by leaps and bounds.

This being the case I started thinking of a different trade target. That target being the 2014 Charlotte Bobcats first round pick. It seems that future first round picks are not crazy high in value (e.g. Nets trade for Gerald Wallace). As opposed to during draft night when it seems that a top 10 pick is complete gold. So the time to trade for this pick is now.

The 2014 draft is the draft that the all world high school player Jabari Parker hopefully will enter. He is a “can’t miss” wing prospect, something the Jazz have never had. Here’s the deal I think may just get us that pick.

Jazz trade Jefferson or Millsap (we may have to add in our 2013 or 2014 pick or warriors pick)

Bobcats trade 2014 pick and Tyrus Thomas

The Bobcats get a good player (maybe a pick) and get to shred salary. It’s a win for them.

The Jazz get a pretty much guaranteed high lottery pick. (MKG and Millsap aren’t going to be that good). The Thomas contract is a blow, but one we should be able to withstand.

Is it a lot to give up for a hope of the number one pick? Yes. Is it too much? Maybe, but the way I see it is that we’re playing with house money. Most of us feel the team will be better with Favors being the lead big man, so in reality just trading the player will make us better, and this way will have a chance to land a potential superstar.

The bad contract does suck and will hurt our cap space, but we all realize that we aren’t in the running for the marquee free agents so as long as that bad contract comes off the books before Kanter and Burks extensions we should be fine.

We also might not have to give up that much (as you can see by this last seasons Nets trade) but I am using this as an example of something I would be willing to do and something I think the Bobcats would accept.

The Bobcats are obviously not the only possible trade partner. Pretty much it’s a game of pick a team that should be terrible in two years and offer them Millsap or Jefferson + a pick and take on a bad contract. It’s a swing for the fences move that at worse will leave us with a lotto pick.

There is obviously plenty of risk involved. Jabari might go on a mission or stay in school. The Bobcats (or other trade partner) might be surprisngly good. In fact the whole dang thing is based off luck. It would take a dream scenario for it to work out, but i still say we should go for it.

Imagine our 2014 starting lineup of Burks, Hayward, Parker, Favors, and Kanter

We could be contenders for the next decade, and if Parker progresses like most think he will we could be not only contenders but favorites.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.

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